Dirt Racing 2014 Maxim 87/40 raised rail

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    2014 maxim 87/40 raised rail 410 ci all aluminum 18-degree heads (230 laps since rebuild) Engine documentation notes Waterman fuel pump KSE ½ box KSE power steering pump 16” seat new belts Winters 4.11 with 5.82 gears installed Pro-shocks on car: LF 7 1-6/1-6 double adjustable LR 94 6-11 adjustable RF 750 RR 950 Bars in car: LF 1000, LR 1000, RF 1025, RR 1025 Extra wheels and tires: 1 front, 4 LR’s & 2 RR’s (2 brand new RR’s mounted) 6 Extra gears set’s Two 5x5 wings Misc: Wheel wrench, return fuel pills, tire grinder, grooving iron, bead breaker Front wing tool caddy, gear changing tray Body panels and hood are in new like condition Everything goes with the car. The car is square and absolutely race ready. Is currently setup for Lincoln speedway 3/8-mile track. Have good setup notes Car is located in Queenstown, Maryland Call, Text or email Bobby Mazingo 443-938-3238 bobbymazingo@yahoo.com Need more pictures just ask
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