Plymouth Dirt Track, Plymouth, WI 2015 PDTR Championship Night Results

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    First feature of the evening was the Cellcom Outlaw Compacts with Ryan Mueller and Donnie Welch setting the pace. Ryan Mueller pulled out ahead of Donnie Welch. Scott Schlafke left to the attention of his crew for a flat tire. Chris Maas passed Donnie Welch to take over second. Donnie Welch retired to the pits with mechanical issues. Ryan Mueller continued to hold off Chris Maas. Chris Maas then lost a rear wheel bringing out the first and only caution. Ryan Muller continued to hold onto the lead after the restart. When the checkers flew it was Ryan Mueller (Sheboygan) winning his first feature of the year followed by Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan), Scott Schlafke (Cleveland), Chris Maas (Oakfield) and Donnie Welch (Saukville). Lonnie Schlafke (Sheboygan) was hard charger passing 3.
    Heat Winner: Lonny Schlafke (Sheboygan)
    2015 Champion: Scott Schlafke (Cleveland)
    Most Improved Driver: Codey Pankow
    Rookie of the Year: Ryan Mueller (Sheboygan)

    Super Mod Feature was next with Bob Brion and Roy Stern setting the pace. Bob Brion pulled out to an early lead over Leroy Ostrowski. Roger Borth developed mechanical issues and pulled off to the attention of his crew. Bob Brion came up on lapped traffic of Frank Perko on lap 7. Leroy Ostrowski finally passed Bob Brion for the lead on lap 11. Butchie Hafemann battled Dennis Klumb for fifth. Leroy Ostrowski caught lapped traffic and attempted to run inside to pass but caught infield tires and spun himself out. Leroy was able to continue without caution only being passed by Bob Brion. Ronald Feller developed a flat left rear on lap 16 and continued to ride around. Butchie Hafemann passed Dennis Klumb back for fifth. When the checkers flew it was Bob Brion (Plymouth) winning followed by Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer), Leroy Ostrowski (Milwaukee), Randy Ostermann Jr. (Howards Grove) and Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport). Hard Charger passing 8 was Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer).
    Heat Winners: Butchie Hafemann (Campbellsport), Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)
    2015 Champion: Johnny Fahl (Brown Deer)
    Most Improved Driver: Bob Brion (Plymouth)
    Rookie of the Year: Randy Ostermann Jr. (Howards Grove)

    Matt Loehr and Matt Jackson set the pace for the 30 lap Feldman Sales and Service Grand National Feature event. Matt Loehr pulled away with and an early lead with Brad Lubach in second. Steven Weber and Matt Yancey battle for eleventh. Barry Maas and Don Sorce Jr. ran nose to tail for eighth. Matt Loehr was running half a front stretch in front of Brad Lubach. Don Sorce Jr. passed Barry Maas and Richard Hed for eighth. Brian Goetsch, Kevin Lubach and Mark Fieber were three wide as they crossed the start finish line on lap 10. Kodiak Wirtz spun in turn 2 for our first caution. Rough restart as many cars banged together trying to settle in place. Barry Maas brought out another caution stopping in turn 4. Matt Loehr held off Brad Lubach on a second restart and started to pull away again. Roger Lee went inside Tyler Kulow for fourteenth. Kevin Lubach left to the attention of his crew. Aaron Stolp attempted to pass Brad Lubach with Jeff Lammers lurking in the background. Matt Loehr held a front stretch lead over second place, as he came up on lapped traffic. Don Sorce Jr. went to the outside of James Pagel to take over fifth. As the checkers flew it was Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary) winning, followed by Brad Lubach (Kiel), Aaron Stolp (Milwaukee), Jeff Lammers (Plymouth) and Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis). Hard Charger was Mark Fieber (Cascade) passing 8 cars.
    B Main Finish was Roger Lee (Wind Lake) winning followed by Mark Fieber (Cascade), Kevin Lubach (Elkhart Lake), Justin Erickson (Plymouth), Michael Gilson (Elkhart Lake) and Justin Danes
    Heat Winners: Brad Lubach (Kiel), Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis), Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary)
    2015 Champion: Don Sorce Jr. (West Allis)
    Most Improved Driver: Matt Loehr (Mt. Calvary)
    Rookie of the Year: Justin Erickson (Plymouth)

    Paul Pokorski and Tim Haddy set the pace of the Aldag Honald Mechanical Sprints. Paul Pokorski pulled out to an early lead over Tim Haddy. Donny Goeden battled with Haddy for two laps for second place. Robbie Pribnow, Jim Melis and Justin Miller competed for fifth. Justin Miller and Kevin Karnitz passed Dannon Tessmer for fourth. Donny Goeden drove past Paul Pokoski for the lead on lap 4. Josh Teunissen, Nich Melis and Bradon McMullen battle for fourteenth. McMullen was maneuvering through traffic on his quest for the lead. Doug Wondra was flying on the high side lap after lap. Donny Goeden was up to lap traffic by lap 10. Josh Teunissen brought out our first caution for spinning between turns 1 and 2. Donny Goeden pulled away with a front stretch lead after the restart. Robbie Pribnow was on the high side almost hitting the turn two back stretch wall a few times. Another caution waved for Josh Teunissen who caught the back stretch wall and left to the attention of his crew. Donny Goeden had new company of Robbie Pribnow who passed Paul Pokorski after the last restart. Another caution waved for Shane Wenninger doing a 360 spin in turn 4. On the restart Nich Melis and Drew Ludwig touched resulting in a tommy tip over by Ludwig bringing out a quick red. Donny Goeden maintained the lead on the restart with Paul Pokorski back in second. Tim Haddy and Jim Melis battled for fourth. Goeden had a front stretch lead over Pokorski as the final yellow waved for Garrett Timothy spinning in turn 1. When the checkers flew it was Donny Goeden (Kewaskum) winning his eighth feature of the year followed by Paul Pokorski (West Bend), Robbie Pribnow (Knowles), Kevin Karnitz (West Bend) and Jim Melis (Glenbeulah). Brandon McMullen (Plymouth) was hard charger passing 10.
    Heat Winners: Kevin Karnitz (West Bend), Donny Goeden (Kewaskum), Robbie Pribnow (Knowles)
    2015 Champion: Donny Goeden (Kewaskum)
    Most Improved Driver: Mitchel Yurmanovich (Cascade)
    Rookie of the Year: Douglas Pietz (Milwaukee)

    Johnsonville Sausage Late Models rolled trackside last this evening with Eric Michaels and Tony Peterson setting the pace. Competing for points championship were Brad Mueller and Taylor Scheffler who also started side by side in the fifth row. Tony Peterson pulled ahead of Eric Michaels for the lead. Turk Letizia, Charlie Schmidt and Ron Stroika ran three wide for sixth. Justin Hirt ran outside Rick Scheffler for fifth. Eric Michaels broke his front end resulting in a caution in turn 2 as he tried leaving to the attention of his crew. Tony Peterson had company of Tom Naeyaert and Rick Scheffler on the restart. Rick Scheffler threaded the needle dividing Naeyaert and Peterson for the lead. Turk Letizia, Tony Peterson and Justin Hirt ran three wide for third. Ron Stroika brought out a caution after stopping in turns 3 and 4. Justin Hirt ran outside Justin Schmidt for seventh. Derek Janke brought out a caution after getting stuck on the tires in turn 2. Justin Schmidt went outside Taylor Scheffler for sixth. Charlie Schmidt drew a caution for stalling not far enough off the racing surface on the front stretch. Taylor Scheffler ran outside Brad Mueller for fourth. Ron Stroika, Gary Janke and Chris Carlson ran three wide back in the pack. Gary Janke and Carlson collided which brought out our final caution. Taylor Scheffler drove like dad dividing Tom Naeyaert and Rick Scheffler to take over the lead. Tom Naeyaert battled back and took over the lead. Tom Naeyaert (Shawano) crossed the double checkers first followed by Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha), Rick Scheffler (Waukesha), Brad Mueller (Random Lake) and Turk Letizia (Milwaukee). Hard Charger passing 10 cars was Jim Schmidt (Cleveland).
    Heat Winners: Brad Mueller (Random Lake)
    Most Improved Driver: Jim Schmidt (Cleveland)
    Rookie of the Year: Taylor Scheffler (Waukesha)

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