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    Cottage Grove’s Doug Schenck headed the list of 2015 champions crowned on the final night of the Wilmot Raceway season Saturday, September 12 by taking the first ever non-wing sprint car title in the history of the one-third mile clay oval facility.

    Joining Schenck in putting his name in the Wilmot history books as champions were Oak Creek’s Mark Heinert winning his first in the mini-sprints, Scott Kuxhouse of Antioch, his seventh in the modifieds, Pat Rossman of Wadsworth, Illinois his second in the street stocks and Erik Grosch of Arlington Heights, Illinois his second in the Bandit 4-cylinder stock cars.
    “Not bad for a 57-year-old guy,” said Schenck of his history making accomplishment in the inaugural season for the non-winged sprints. “I had a great crew and admittedly, it wasn’t always the same crew every week. We had a super group of sponsors behind us and to be part of this new class is awesome.”

    In the 20-lap season finale for the non-winged sprints, Genoa City’s Todd Lehr captured his sixth feature of the season and the seventh for his car. Schenck came on to finish runner-up with Union Grove’s Craig Lager third, Bristol’s Chris Klemko fourth and Jim Lukey of Harvard, Illinois fifth.

    “I knew Doug (Schenck) was coming and didn’t quite know which groove to take on the track,” said Lehr, recognizing the new class having its largest single night turnout of the season with a dozen on hand. “Congratulations to Doug on his championship. I guarantee the fans they will see 20 of these cars next year, and I know this car has been sold and there will be another driver in it.”

    In the mini-sprints it was a trio of winners on the final night. Kyle Daywalt of Hubertus lead flag to flag in the 20-lap feature for his second main event win of the year. Ironically, despite a blow engine sending Heinert into the infield prematurely with a small oil fire relegating him to 14th place in the final running order, Heinert still had enough points with the mini-sprint system to take the track title. The overall Wisconsin-Illinois Mini-Sprint Association (WIMSA) championship, which included some events outside of Wilmot, was captured by Nick Daywalt of Hubertus, brother of the feature winner.

    “I knew from the oil pressure gauage the engine was going and it was a matter of time, but I thought I’d stay out as long as I could,” admitted Heinert, noting the point system allows one “mulligan throw away event” which he had not used yet going into the finale. “I have to thank my family, crew and everybody for getting me the championship. I congratulate Nick (Daywalt) on the WIMSA title as well. Winning here at Wilmot is big for us.”
    “This is a great night for both me and my brother,” said K. Daywalt. “The car ran super from start to finish. It’s a good way to finish the season.”

    “Winning the WIMSA title on the same night my brother wins the feature is pretty neat,” said N. Daywalt, who was celebrating his birthday as well. “It’s a great birthday present. My crew and sponsors have been behind me since the beginning this year. I have to thank them and the fans.”

    The modified championship for S. Kuxhouse came on a night he would rather forget as mechanical problems eliminated him from the feature event prematurely placing 15th. Riding an insurmountable lead going into the finale, S. Kuxhouse had nine feature wins in the dozen nights the modifieds competed to take the championship.
    “Not the way we would have liked to have finished the year, but it was a great season,” said S. Kuxhouse, whose son Cameron Kuxhouse was kept from making the feature with mechanical woes of his own.

    Jim Morrison, also from Antioch, announced after winning his first 20-lap feature of the season, that it was also his last as he is retiring from driving. “This is it,” said Morrison, who ended up second in the points. “I’m hanging up the helmet. It’s been a great season and it’s a great way to finish.”

    Fort Atkinson’s Zeke Bishofberger appeared to be checking out on the feature field early until something broke on his car causing him to spin in turn two and end up on the wrecker on lap 14. During the same yellow, Kuxhouse retired. Morrison took over the top spot and pulled away to the win. Randy Markwardt Jr. of Sheboygan Falls was third and Eagle’s Steve Mueller fourth. Tichigan’s Josh Heinze, who transferred to the feature by winning the “B” Main, came from 17th starting spot to finish fifth.

    “I have to thank my wife, Kim, and son, Clay, who have been so supportive of me so I could come out here and do this,” said Rossman of his second street stock championship.

    Mark Baker, Milwaukee – photo by Otaku Photogarphy

    Milwaukee’s Mark Baker overtook Silver Lake’s Gerry Stollenwerk for the lead on lap five of the non-stop street stock main, going on to his first feature win of the season. Brandon Mertes of Antioch had a season best second. Racine’s Chuck Pinkalla, making his first start of the year, came from 12th to finish third. Rossman came across fourth to secure the title. Scott Eggebrecht of Crystal Lake, Illinois was fifth.

    “This is fantastic,” beamed Baker, noting this was his first Wilmot feature win since the 1990’s. “We got a late start running here this year, but next year we plan on being here the entire season. I have to thank my daughter, Chloe, who has supported me and is getting better racing out here. Hopefully she’ll get to the point where she can run with the guys here, and me. Congratulations to Pat (Rossman), he’s a good driver.”

    Grosch won his second Bandit 4-cylinder crown by taking the win in the 15-lap feature, but not without a challenge from Carl Benn of Menomonee Falls who ended up runner-up in the season finale and the final point standings. Benn took the initial lead with Grosch taking the point following a lap two restart. Several times in the closing laps Benn got within a car length, but Grosch was up to the challenge holding on for his seventh feature win of the season. Benn was second, Waterford’s David Rudzinski third, John Lass of East Troy fourth and Jason Jones of North Chicago, Illinois fifth.

    “There’s a little more of a story to the paint scheme of this car,” revealed Grosch in victory lane. “When we won the championship in 2010, this is the way the car was painted. So we decided to do it again when we were in the battle for the championship to see if it helped. I guess it did. I have to thank my family, crew and everyone who did a lot of work on this car all year.”

    Beaver Dam’s Jeremy Schultz captured his second 410 winged outlaw sprint car Wilmot track championship on the final night for that division on September 5.
    Wilmot Raceway is located on the Kenosha County Fairgrounds. For the latest updates, final point standings, information on the season’s awards night and opening night for 2016, check the official website www.wilmotraceway.com.
    NON-WING SPRINT CARS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Todd Lehr, Genoa City; 2. Doug Schenck, Cottage Grove; 3. Craig Lager, Union Grove; 4. Chris Klemko, Bristol; 5. Jim Lukey, Harvard, Illinois; 6. Zack Raidart, Gurnee, Illinois; 7. Dan Wade, Pleasant Prairie; 8. George Gaertner Jr., Salem; 9. Mike Sullivan, Burlington; 10. Chuck Shaer, Lake Villa, Illinois; 11. James Walldan, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois; 12. Jim Scanlon, Zion, Illinois.
    8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Schenck; Lehr.
    WISCONSIN-ILLINOIS MINI-SPRINTS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Kyle Daywalt, Hubertus; 2. Nick Daywalt, Hubertus; 3. Adam Schroeder, Zion, Illinois; 4. Kyle Koch, McFarland; 5. Nick Petska, Spring Grove, Illinois; 6. Tim Brannam, Holiday Hills, Illinois; 7. Jeff Schmidt, Slinger; 8. Ron Brannam, Barrington, Illinois; 9. Kevin Frederiksen, Milwaukee; 10. Randy Stanford, Kenosha; 11. Morgan Sheppard, Geona City; 12. Greg Fortier, Racine; 13. John Smith, St. Charles, Illinois; 14. Mark Heinert, Oak Creek; 15. Zach Emmons, Franklin; 16. Kurt Brown, Brookfield; 17. Ion Stear, Harvard, Illinois; 18. Al Fuesting, Zion.
    8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Schroeder; Heinert.
    FAST QUALIFIER: N. Daywalt:)15.252 seconds).
    MODIFIEDS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Jim Morrison, Antioch, Illinois; 2. Randy Markwardt Jr., Sheboygan Falls; 3. Brad McGuire, New Berlin; 4. Steve Mueller, Eagle; 5. Josh Heinze, Tichigan; 6. Jeff Bodendorfer Jr., Waterford; 7. Ryan Marshall, Burlington; 8. Tony Izzo, Capron, Illinois; 9. Joel Crowbridge, Burlington; 10. Scott Barnharst, Franklin; 11. Lee Tibbitts, Hebron, Illinois; 12. Mike Learman Jr., Woodstock, Illinois; 13. Zeke Bishofberger, Fort Atkinson; 14. Joel Seegert, Sheboygan; 15. Scott Kuxhouse, Antioch, Illinois; 16. Jason Wirth, Milwaukee; 17. Andrew Kiedrowski, Union Grove; 18. Nick Simons, Geona City; 19. Mike Simons II, Genoa City; 20. Mike Wittenburg, Waterford.
    10-LAP “B” MAIN: 1. Heinze; 2. J. Bodendorfer, Jr.; 3. Wittenburg; 4. Barnharst; 5. Jack Williams, Rockford, Illinois; 6. John Dost, Bristol; 7. Mike Conn, Big Bend; 8. Terry Hilgendorf, McHenry, Illinois; 9. Ronnie Mink, Bristol; 10. Bart Sievert, West Allis; 11. Dan Walter, Franklin; 12. Cameron Kuxhouse, Antioch; 13. Mike Bodendorfer, Muskego.
    8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: S. Kuxhouse; N. Simons; Morrison; M. Bodendorfer.
    STREET STOCKS: 20-LAP FEATURE: 1. Mark Baker, Milwaukee; 2. Brandon Mertes, Antioch, Illinois; 3. Chuck Pinkalla, Racine; 4. Pat Rossman, Wadsworth, Illinois; 5. Scott Eggebrecht, Crystal Lake, Illinois; 6. Daivd Paskiewicz, Downers Grove, Illinois; 7. Gerry Stollenwerk, Silver Lake; 8. Nate Coon, Harvard, Illinois; 9. John Canella, Antioch; 10. Cody Erickson, Algonquin, Illinois; 11. David Jones, North Chicago, Illinois; 12. John Maki, Antioch; 13. Michael Olsen, Burlington; 14. Chloe Baker, Milwaukee; 15. D.J. Hacker, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois; 16. Rob Maule, Hebron, Illinois; 17. Joe Suhfras, Hales Corners(Did Not Start); 18. Ian Malinowski, Franklin(DNS); 19. Matt Monteith, Racine(DNS); 20. Dustin Kroening, Hebron(DNS).
    8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Rossman; M. Baker; Maule.
    BANDIT 4-CYLINDER STOCK CARS: 15-LAP FEATURE: 1. Erik Grosch, Arlington Heights, Illinois; 2. Carl Benn, Menomonee Falls; 3. David Rudzinski, Waterford; 4. John Lass, East Troy; 5. Jason Jones, North Chicago, Illinois; 6. Ryan Andrews, Woodstock, Illinois; 7. Ryan Braun, New Berlin; 8. Tom Eller, Zion, Illinois; 9. Scott Ludtke, Lyons; 10. James Creekmore, Zion; 11. Bob Sorenson, Kenosha; 12. Gary Mondus, Streamwood, Illinois; 13. Mike Kent, Salem; 14. Allan Maher Jr., Rochester, Minnesota; 15. Dennis Carlton, McHenry, Illinois(Did Not Start).
    8-LAP HEAT WINNERS: Grosch; Mondus.

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