Spokane Motorsports Complex Airway Heights, WA APEX Pro Driving Coach Discount for Spokane County Raceway Supporters

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    Take $50 Off Until 2/28/18

    Save $50 as a Spokane County Raceway Supporter
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    Take $50 Off Until 2/28/18
    This is one of the hottest devices to hit the performance driving market. Unlike data loggers that let you look at your driving performance AFTER the driving session, APEX Pro gives you feedback in REAL TIME. Now you can see how you're doing while you're driving the turns.

    Right now there is a special deal for all Spokane County Raceway supporters. They can save $50 off an APEX Pro. This offer comes with a full 30-Day Money Back is not satisfied.

    Go to: www.mantismotorsracing.com and enter Coupon Code: SCR2018

    APEX Pro is fundamentally an artificial intelligence vehicle simulation algorithm, providing real-time feedback to the driver. Over the course of a track session, APEX learns the performance limits of your vehicle and models its optimal performance at every point on the track. To make the model easy to interpret, APEX displays your current performance as a fraction of your potential performance.

    APEX uses inertial (IMU) measurements and GPSto model your driving ability, your car, and the track you are on in real time. As APEX learns, it will predict your theoretical performance instantaneously. To make the complex model easy to interpret, we reduce it to a single score that is shown on APEX as a red bar extending from left to right. Because different situations require different levels of driving effort, the peak changes as you encounter different situations; for instance, most vehicles can brake harder than accelerate so the displayed peak is higher for braking.


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