Western Speedway, Victoria, BC Big Rig Night One Goes to Creed

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    Langford BC., August 31st 2012

    Western Speedway hosted a very exciting and competitive Big Rig race on day one of Wilson & Proctor Big Rig Mania event along with the Howie’s Car Corral Bomber Invitational, the Figure 8s, a gravel truck obstacle course, and Josh “The Crusher”￾ Beckel was back to blow himself up in a van courtesy of Wayne’s Trucking. The NABR Big Rigs ran complete shows Friday consisting of qualifying, Trophy Dashes, Heat races and a 35 lap main event as did the Bombers and Figure 8s. Trophy Dash wins went to Rhett Szevics in the Figure 8s, Eric Fournier in the Bomber Series, and Glen Creed with the Big Rigs. Creed also won the gravel truck obstacle course race with a time of 47:74.

    James Young had the pole for the start of the Figure 8 Feature event of the night and this race was hard hitting start to finish When the dust settled Brandon Young had the win followed by Alex Carey. Brian Wakelin and Sean Whitley shared the front row for the start of the Bomber Feature event. At times cars were three and four wide going through the turns or along the straights. On lap seven the yellow flag came out as Bruce Knight spun around as a few cars got tangled up. There was a good battle up front as Bobby Cyr, Heath Cooper, and Mark Lockhart drove in a tight group. On lap sixteen, the yellow came out again as Andrew Wilson got into the turn one wall. When the chequered flag dropped on lap thirty-five, Bobby Cyr had the win followed by Cooper and Lockhart.

    Victoria’s Glen Creed, was in second position in the point standings and only 25 points behind Calgary driver Darren Berdahl 460 to 435, Creed will be looking at winning both main events in front of his hometown fans this week end and he got off to a great start. Berdahl had three wins so far this year, while Creed had three second place finishes and in third place in four races. Isaac harder is third in points with 390 points. Dave Mullett had the pole for the start of the Big Rig Feature event and Bobby Fowler and Cory McMeckan battled early for the lead. By lap four McMeckan gained the advantage and started to build a good lead while behind him Isaac Harder and Glen Creed were moving into second and third respectively by lap seven. McMeckan was cruising up front but entered the pits in a cloud of smoke on lap eighteen. On lap twenty-five, Berdahl passed Creed going through lapped traffic but Creed and Harder stayed in the thick of things. On lap twenty-seven, Creed returned the favor and grabbed the lead as all three drivers stayed in a tight group. Berdahl tried a couple times to get by Creed and after running side by side for a couple laps Berdahl’s truck got just a little sideways and Creed gained enough room to come home with the win followed by Berdahl, Harder, Terrill Schmidt, and Ron Singer rounding out the top five positions.

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