Heartland Park, Topeka, KS Bowers Earns First Victory In Final Race Of 2012

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    Bowers Earns First Victory In Final Race of 2012
    October 1, 2012

    By: Larry Lowrey

    Topeka, KS ”“ It was a special Sunday night of racing at BriggsAuto.Com
    Speedway. The night was full of exciting racing and it was also a chance
    to honor the 2012 track champions one final time as the 2012 season came
    to a close.

    A total of 95 cars checked in to race on Sunday night. When it was all
    said and done, one driver, Steven Bowers Jr., finally felt like a 900 lb.
    gorilla was lifted from his back.

    In the Washburn Tech Modified division heading into Sunday night’s race
    there had been a total of 11 different drivers that had made it to victory
    lane. Of those 11 drivers, Bowers was not one of the 11. It was a
    beginning to bother the driver from Topeka. Over the past few years he had
    won races and championships at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway. It was an oddity
    to not see Bowers in victory lane in 2012.

    Jake Richards jumped out to the early lead in the main event. Richards was
    looking for his 2nd win on the night, earlier he had won the B Mod Feature
    and now he was trying to become the first racer to win two features in the
    same night. It would be a tough task.

    As the race wore on Richards began to feel the pressure from Bowers and
    Tyler Schmidt, the winner from Saturday night.

    It wouldn’t take long as both drivers went around Richards. Bowers took
    the lead on the outside and Schmidt followed right behind him.

    Bowers was a man possessed on Sunday night and he would not be denied the
    race win. He gave his fans a wild burn out at the end of the night and
    celebrated with a passion as he won his 1st feature of 2012!

    Schmidt would finish in the runner-up spot, 3rd would go to Jake Richards,
    Kyle Covert had his best finish of the season in 4th and Grant Junghans
    would round out the top 5.

    The Casey’s General Store Pure Stock feature kicked off the main event
    racing for the night.

    Donnie Dever raced his way to the early lead. The driver from Baldwin was
    looking to become the 6th different winner in the division.

    Tyler Garst, on the other hand, was working his way through the field as
    he started in the 5th row. Garst would find his way to the front rather
    quickly. In just a few laps he found himself battling Byron Glotzbach for
    the 2nd spot on the speedway.

    Devers continued to hold the lead. The final laps were coming up and now
    four cars had made there play for the top spot. Devers, Garst, Glotzbach
    and the winner from the previous night, Jesse Shotts, were all ready to
    battle to the finish.

    As the leaders came to the white flag it was Devers with a slim lead over
    Garst. The two would race side by side as they headed into the final turn.
    Garst, just like he has done many times in 2012, made his move at the
    final moment. Coming out of turn 4 he grabbed the lead on the high side
    and drove to his 4th win of the season. It was the only lap Garst would
    lead on the night and it was the most important lap.

    Devers finished in 2nd, Shotts would come in 3rd, 4th went to Glotzbach
    and rounding out the top 5 was Scott Garst.

    During the last month Jake Richards has figured out his White Line CDL
    Training B Mod. He took over driving duties for his father a couple of
    months ago. For whatever reason it may be it took him just a little time
    to figure it out. Since he figured out just how to manipulate his new
    ride, Richards has become a bear!

    Friday night he grabbed his first win at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway and he
    was looking to do it again Sunday night. His odds were good as would start
    the feature in the 2nd row.

    The early surprise of the night was Randal Schiffelbein Jr. Schiffelbein,
    the 2012 Pure Stock Track Champion, had debuted his new b mod a few weeks
    back and here was on the final night leading the feature. He would hold on
    to the lead until the first yellow of the night. On the restart Richards
    took control of the feature event for the 2nd straight night.

    It wasn’t a cake walk for Richards as Ethan Isaacs, the 2012 Track
    Champion, would push him all the way to the checkered flag. Unfortunately
    for Isaacs, he couldn’t mount the attack that would put him in front of
    Richards. For the 2nd straight night Richards would end his night in
    victory lane.

    Isaacs finished in the runner-up spot, Dustin Thulin finished in the 3rd
    position, RJ Edwards had his best finish of the season in 4th and Lucas
    Isaacs rounded out the top 5.

    Fans were primed and ready to watch the Super 8 at Forbes Landing Factory
    Stock Feature event. Saturday night’s race packed so much excitement that
    the fans new that Sunday should be just as good.

    Travis Tenpenny won the action packed feature on Saturday night. It was
    just his 2nd race of the year at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway and Sunday night
    he was looking to take home the win again. Somebody should have told Zach

    Henery has won the most features of any driver, in any division over the
    past 2 seasons. Sunday night he showed the fans just why he owns that
    stat, he’s a great racer.

    Henery got the jump on the field as the green flag waved to start the
    feature. He knew that there were some good cars behind him and he needed
    to get out of the gate quickly. He would feel the pressure several times
    for Tenpenny and Terry Schmidt, the 2012 Track Champion, but it would not
    faze him.

    In the late portion of the feature the 3 racers would go 3 wide at one
    point. Being the final night of the season drivers had nothing to lose by
    letting it all hang out. One driver was quoted as saying it’s either
    “Checkers or Wreckers” tonight. Nobody would need a wrecker in the final
    laps, but there was a wild incident with a lapped car getting in the way
    of the leaders on the last lap.

    As they sprinted to the checkered flag it was Henery taking the win. It
    was his 6th win of the 2012 season and it was his 22nd win in just two
    years time!

    Schmidt finished in the 2nd position, Tenpenny would hold on for 3rd, 4th
    went to Clint Hedge and finishing 5th was Marvin Griffith Jr.

    BriggsAuto.Com Speedway capped the night off by honoring their champion
    drivers in all their divisions at the end of the night. Darron Fuqua,
    Washburn Tech Modified Champion, Terry Schmidt, Super 8 at Forbes Landing
    Factory Stock Champion, Ethan Isaacs, White Line CDL Training B Mod
    Champion and Randal Schiffelbein Jr., Casey’s General Store Pure Stock
    Champion, were ushered around the speedway in the back of a pickup truck
    as they waved a checkered flag to the fans that stayed for the duration.

    The double header was a great ending to an awesome year at BriggsAuto.Com

    BriggsAuto.Com Speedway Feature Results
    Modified Feature
    1. Steven Bowers Jr. 77
    2. Tyler Schmidt 66T
    3. Jake Richards 5J
    4. Kyle Covert 7d7
    5. Grant Junghans 2x
    6. Robert Shepard 51
    7. Tom Grist 05
    8. Josh Everhart 21J
    9. Ryan Phillips 69
    10. Trevor Hunt 99H
    11. Mike Eisenhut 2
    12. Dalton Kirk 30
    13. Lucas Conely 17
    14. Aaron Marrant 34A
    15. Cody Agler 77A
    16. Jimmy Hernandez 11H
    17. Cliff Shepard 52
    18. Darron Fuqua 87
    19. Kerry Davis 68
    20. Luke Driskell 39
    21. Dustin Johnson 18J
    22. Josh Henery 97J
    23. Kevin Hoeme 44
    24. Austin Siebert 16

    Factory Stock Feature
    1. Zach Henery 97z
    2. Terry Schmidt b#1
    3. Travis Tenpenny 128
    4. Clint Hedge 05
    5. Marvin Griffith Jr. 75M
    6. Eric Weyer c15
    7. Greg Deters 29
    8. Steve Herrick 5k
    9. Tyson Young 24
    10. Ronnie Moore 5h
    11. Frank Jaynes 07
    12. John Boyce 57
    13. Ken Garcia 2
    14. Steve Oliver 11
    15. James King 60
    16. Jeremy Bennett 33x
    17. Bob Troutwine 1n1
    18. Abdul Chatoo 111

    B Mod Feature
    1. Jake Richards 4D
    2. Ethan Isaacs 66
    3. Dustin Thulin 45
    4. RJ Edwards 14E
    5. Lucas Isaacs 6
    6. Bryan Hey 11c
    7. Gary Holthaus 50
    8. Tracy Schaefer x1
    9. Mike Eisenhut 2
    10. Seth Schroer 15
    11. Jack Frost 21
    12. Devin Stock 9s
    13. Jeff Davis 4j
    14. John Grist 58
    15. Rich Boyden 4U
    16. Ricky Tanner 54
    17. Randal Schiffelbein Jr. 11jr
    18. Chase Austin 111x
    19. David Samuels 19
    20. Heath Murry 7m
    21. Chad Wunder 15
    22. Curtis Dreasher C4 DNS
    23. Rick Dreasher 09x DNS
    24. Gus Harrison 28H DNS

    Pure Stock Feature
    1. Tyler Garst 53t
    2. Donnie Devers 81
    3. Jesse Shotts 97
    4. Byron Glotzbach 59
    5. Scott Garst 153
    6. AJ Christian 355
    7. Terry Henkensiefken 4jenna
    8. David McDonald 19
    9. Randy Kohn 17
    10. Darren Davenport 85
    11. Scott Garcia 90
    12. Lafe Garst 40G
    13. Steve Stewart 5
    14. Ron Kohn 07
    15. Dylan McDonald 18
    16. Colton Miller 74c
    17. Jim Christian 391
    18. Alan Mattox 83
    19. Steve Ray 8R
    20. Dennis Millard 01 DNS

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