Davenport Speedway Davenport, IA Dominacki captures Cheater Race at Davenport

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    DAVENPORT, Ia. (September 14, 2012) ”“ Friday was a night of high speed and big ”“time crashes as the Davenport Speedway hosted its first-ever Night of Destruction. Cheater Races were held for the modifieds, street stocks, and 4-stocks. The stock car racing action was followed by the collision”“fest known as the Trailer Race.

    Jeremy Marquette had the fastest Street Stock car all season at Davenport. With some extra sheet metal and plexi-glass, he was even faster. Marquette blistered the field on his way to the checkered flag. Jeremy started sixth and was well into the lead by lap three.
    Once Marquette was in the lead, the battle was for second. Mitch Schmitz emerged from the pack for second, with Dwaine Hasson finishing third. Tony VonDresky took fourth and Rob Henry fifth.

    The ”˜Dominator’ Bob Dominacki showed once again why he is the king of the Cheater Races. Dominacki grabbed the lead on lap two of the modified feature and never looked back. By the time the checkers fell, Bob had lapped all but the second and third place cars.
    Justin Veloz had a good run to finish second, with Brian Bushong third. Brad Tyler was the first of the lap down cars in fourth, while Bruce Fosdyck Sr. finished fifth.

    Aaron Hitt added a Cheater Race victory to his growing list of accomplishments in the 4-Stock class this year. Hitt jumped out to the lead on lap one, but had to hold off a charging Andy Wagener to take the win. Wagener, who had to recover from a first lap incident, finished a strong second. Andy Loy, Kyle Rhoads, and Zach Dahl completed the top five.

    Cars, trucks, and vans pulling trailers of all shapes and sizes went all out for the enthusiastic crowd in the Trailer Race. When the carnage was over, Marty Smith was the winner. Ray Brown won the fan vote for the best decorated entry, for his “Support the Troops”￾ scheme.

    Racing at the Davenport Speedway, continues next Saturday night (Sept. 22) with the running of the All-Star Classic. The event will be held on the half-mile oval and features the season finale of the Deery Brothers Summer Series. Also racing will be IMCA-style Modifieds, Street Stocks, and 4-Stocks.

    Davenport Speedway
    September 14, 2012
    Night of Destruction Results -

    Heat 1: 1. Brad Tyler; 2. David Imming; 3. Andy Warner; 4. Brian Bushong; 5. Craig Crawford;
    Heat 2: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Jason Bahrs; 3. Justin Veloz; 4. Bruce Fosdyck Sr.; 5. Johnny Walker;
    Feature: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Justin Veloz; 3. Brian Bushong; 4. Brad Tyler; 5. Bruce Fosdyck Sr.; 6. David Imming; 7. Andy Warner; 8. Craig Crawford; 9. Rob Dominacki; 10. Nick Hixson; 11. Jason Bahrs; 12. Johnny Walker; 13. Derrick Wilson; 14. Mike Haines;

    Street Stocks
    Heat 1: 1. Mitch Schmitz; 2. Dwaine Hasson; 3. Rob Henry; 4. Tim Hazen; 5. Josh Starr;
    Heat 2: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Tony VonDresky; 3. Dan Anderson; 4. Rob Nylin; 5. Bryan Ritter;
    Feature: 1. Jeremy Marquette; 2. Mitch Schmitz; 3. Dwaine Hasson; 4. Tony VonDresky; 5. Rob Henry; 6. Dan Anderson; 7. Bryan Ritter; 8. Josh Starr; 9. Tim Hazen; 10. Rob Nylin;

    Heat 1: 1. Andy Wagener; 2. Aaron Hitt; 3. Kyle Rhoads; 4. Zach Dahl; 5. Andy Loy;
    Feature: 1. Aaron Hitt; 2. Andy Wagener; 3. Andy Loy; 4. Kyle Rhoads; 5. Zach Dahl; 6. Josh Starr; 7. Bobby Barker Sr.

    Trailer Race
    Winner: Marty Smith
    Best Decorated (fan vote): Ray Brown

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