Glen Helen Raceway Park San Bernardino, CA Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations Scoring

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    Glen Helen Raceway has designed a scoring sheet to help keep track of the points for the inaugural Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations happening this weekend, with Moto 1 on Saturday at 11am and Moto 2 on Sunday at 11:30am. Be sure to check-out our live timing and scoring for the event so that you can track the results and point totals for each country.

    Each racers points will be scored based on their finish position within their respective age class. First place - 1 point, Second - 2 points, etc… The country/team with the lowest combined total points from both motos will be the Dubya World Vet MX Cup of Nations Champion. The score for a rider that has a DNF is 22. The score for a rider that has a DNS is 23. Each team will draw a numbered token for their gate pick for Moto 1 on Saturday. For Moto 2 on Sunday, the gate pick will be determined by the lowest total team score from Moto 1. There will be 3 gate drops. Gate 1 is 30+ (White), Gate 2 is 40+ (Yellow) and Gate 3 is 50+ (Green). The 40+ & 50+ riders must line up behind the same gate as the 30+ rider on their team.

    With 60 racers (20 teams) representing 13 countries, this should prove to be one of the most exciting races of the weekend.

    Glen Helen

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