Tyler County Speedway Middlebourne, WV Earl Hill Memorial Postponed To 2016; New Lighting Project Underway

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    The Hometown Racing Association is excited to announce planned improvements for the Tyler County Speedway facility are already into full-swing. Fans and racers alike should benefit in the coming season with projects that will improvement safety for the participants and race night enjoyment for the fans. First and foremost is the upgrading of the entire facility lighting. “One of our top priorities since we (Hometown Racing) started promoting the track is to improve the race night experience for everyone” said John Watson. “We tried to identify projects and to prioritize them as we best could. The lighting and electric systems have been needing attention for years. In 2014, we added a new electric service in the pits that allowed us to take some of the electric load off of the main service. This year, we had the opportunity to purchase a stadium lighting system that should really light up the track surface better than it’s ever been. We’ll eliminate the dark spots and need for lighting plants, plus be able to place the existing track lights in pedestrian and pit areas locations.”

    Part of this project means coordinating with the power company as a completely new 3 phase service installation will necessitate the current system to be disconnected and removed. Due to the need to schedule and coordinate this work in advance, the 2015 Earl Hill Memorial race will be postponed until the start of the 2016 season.

    “This wasn’t a part of our plans when we put our schedule together this past spring, but as we moved forward in our plans it was apparent that this project was going to take a lot of man hours and advance planning if we wanted to get this accomplished before the weather turns. Our labor workforce is totally volunteer. They are dedicated and greatly appreciated, but we all have limited hours that we can invest. If we have any chance to get this project completed and not delay the opening of the 2016 season, we have to start on it as soon as possible.”

    New lighting towers, a complete overhaul and upgrade of the electric entrance, conversion of the existing wiring and installation of new lighting circuits are all a part of the installation of nearly fifty Musco stadium lights.

    Also on the agenda will be the construction of a new infield track that will accommodate UTV/Side by Side racing and a karting track. Other additional maintenance projects are in the works as time allows, including the construction of a new scorers box intended to better accommodate the modern timing and scoring equipment presently used in short track racing.

    Watson concluded by saying “We have an outstanding relationship with the Tyler County Fair Association. It has allowed us the opportunity to move forward yearly on planned improvements here at the speedway. It’s a part of our civic pride to make the Tyler County Speedway the best possible race night experience for our fans and racers. 2015 was a great season and we’re already looking forward to 2016. We have a lot of work projects to complete, but with an early start and a little help with some good weather believe we’ll be ready when April rolls around”.

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