US 131 Motorsports Park Martin, MI Engine winner is rick morley

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    That winner is Rick Morley of Allendale. Morley was extremely proud of his win and is looking forward to putting this brand new engine into his dragster.

    Sponsors for this 5th Annual Engine Pro/Dart/Performance Engineering Engine Giveaway in attendance were Scott Overlund and Tom Stuyvesant from Engine Pro, Nick Weed of Performance Engineering and Marion Holt of Melling Engine Parts, Mary Rivett of Hastings, Paul Hauglie of AERA and Jeff Hutchinson of Pro-Finish were all in attendance and there were many thanks to be given from all racers in attendance. "We have received much gratitude and appreciation from our racers for putting this terrific engine giveaway program together with our sponsors," stated Stephanie Peterson Marketing Director of US 131 MSP.

    Jim Sebright of Holland was the runner-up and so very close to the win. Sebright walked away with an intake manifold courtesy of Profiler Performance. Christine VanderSloot of Kalamazoo was in the last ten and walked away with a six-switch panel with pig tails as her parting gift courtesy of R&R Wireloom and Mark Boardman, the first racer out was given a consolation prize of valve covers powder coated from Pro Finish Powder Coating.

    We look forward to seeing how Morley does next season with his brand new engine. Last year's engine winner was Rick Baad of Mattawan and he is the current and newly crowned 2012 Top ET Track Champion. It appears that Morley will be the one to watch for in 2013.

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