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    I have arranged for some extra practice for any of the LOL drivers who would like it at AMP this Saturday from about 9:30 to about 4:00. AFRA has subsidized the cost to only $40 per car. This is a regular Track day and the drivers will have their own on-track sessions in rotation with the other lapping entrants. To meet the insurance regulations each driver has to be a member of an ARMS club and have a "Lapping License". This costs AFRA $32.50 so we do not make any money at $40. Well, actually we make $7.50 but that pays for the free water we provide for drivers to stay hydrated. In addition, the drivers will be required to spend some time acting as marshals on the marshal stands for one time when one of the other groups is lapping. They will not miss any of their scheduled rotations while they do this. Each rotation will be for 25 minutes and they can expect 4 rotations during the day. I hope some of the drivers will be able to take advantage of this. If you would be so kind as to make your drivers aware of this, it would be appreciated.

    Bill Anwyll
    Atlantic Formula Racing Association

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