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Discussion in 'General Discussion In The Garage' started by silentninja1, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    weeee i am the first one to post
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome back, I can't wait to have this site up and running again.
  3. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    i cant wait for it to be back up man. i know you are putting a ton of work into it. just means it will be that much better when its all done and ready to go
  4. Matt97

    Matt97 Semi Pro

    Probably take a while to get all the regulars coming back. Felt weird not having a place to discuss race season!
  5. TED71

    TED71 Rookie

    back in business...good to see, i agree we need a place to vent this year, you were missed racing trader forum!!

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