Quad City Speedway, East Moline, IL Gade Crowned First Female Track Champion at the Quad City Speedway

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    East Moline, IL (September 2nd, 2012) ”“ It was an historic night at the Quad City Speedway Sunday. Emily Gade, from Clarence, Iowa, had the typical highs and lows of a racing season but on Season Championship night she celebrated the highest of highs becoming the first female track champion in Quad City Speedway history.

    With it being Season Championship night for four of the five classes racing the top ten in points were lined up by points assuming they raced their heat race.

    Going into the Extreme Auto Glass Street Stock feature Gade held a slim lead over Chuck Fox and Rick Schriner which put Gade on the pole position for the feature. She didn’t need to win the feature to win the track championship but that didn’t stop “Lil’ Miss Dangerous”. Gade rocketed out to the lead and never looked back. Gade led every lap in the caution free 15 lap feature taking the checkered flag to a standing ovation from the Quad City Speedway crowed. Fox would finish the race second followed by Chris Lawrence, Rick Schriner, and Rob Henry.

    The night’s program was kicked off with one of two make-up features. The Mod Lites were first up with their 12 lap make-up feature. Rock Island’s Bryan Brinker dominated the event picking up the feature win. Anthony Guss crossed the lined second followed by Brad Lucy, Shon Sanders, and David Norton.

    The second make-up feature was in the Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylidners. The original front row wasn’t able to make the call so that bumped up Aaron Hitt and Wade Dahl to the front row. Hitt would take full advantage of his pole position starting spot and win in convincing fashion. You could throw a blanket over the battle for second with Cameron Poci edging out Josh Sharpe and Wade Dahl.

    It was another tight points battle in the Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modifieds. Greg Durbin held onto a small points lead over Doug Crampton, which put the two drivers in the front row for the feature. Crampton would lead every lap en route to the victory with Durbin taking second followed by Jason Masengarb, Brian Bushong, and Terry Rentfro. Greg Durbin was crowned the 2012 Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modified Track Champion.

    In the second feature of the evening for the Mod Lites, Bryan Brinker left off right where he finished the first feature. Brinker used the first five laps to get pass early race leader Shon Sanders. After that Brinker would lead the rest of the way in the caution free feature making it two for two on the night. Sanders would take second followed by Mike Pershing, Brad Lucy, and Dan Guss. Shon Sanders was crowned the 2012 Mod Lite Track Champion.

    In the Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinder’s second feature Zach Dahl held off a strong effort from Aaron Hitt to take home the win and the 2012 Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinger Track Championship. Wade Dahl took third followed by Cameron Poci and Josh Sharpe.

    The final event of the evening was the 30 lap Sexton Ford IMCA Late Model feature. It took Mike Zemo Jr. the first 12 laps to navigate his “Z” machine to the front using the bottom side but after that Zemo went untouched. The battle for second was one of the more exciting battles of the night. Legend, Gary Webb, held off strong runs by early race leader, Mike Guldenpfennig, and Shawn Mulvany to take second. Guldenpfennig would finish third with Mike Garland fourth and Todd Malmstrom fifth.

    Results ”“ 9/2/12

    Mod Lite Make-Up Feature

    1. Bryan Brinker

    2. Anthony Guss

    3. Brad Lucy

    4. Shon Sanders

    5. David Norton

    6. Dan Guss

    7. Mike Pershing

    8. Cody Brown

    9. Blake Woodruff

    10. Carl Pershing

    11. Gary Snyder

    12. Rob Guss

    13. Andrew Smith

    14. Ronnie Gould

    Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinder Make-Up Feature

    1. Aaron Hitt

    2. Cameron Poci

    3. Josh Sharpe

    4. Wade Dahl

    5. Dillon DeKeyrel

    6. Bobby Barker Sr.

    7. Zach Dahl

    8. John Scott III

    9. Dustin Forbes

    10. Bobby Barker Jr.

    Orion Tire Repair IMCA Modifieds

    Heat 1

    1. Joe Jones Jr.

    2. Greg Durbin

    3. Brian Bushong

    4. George Spence III

    5. Jason Masengarb

    6. Craig Crawford

    7. Scotty Powell

    Heat 2

    1. Doug Crampton

    2. Eric Barnes

    3. Terry Rentfro

    4. Leland Bushong

    5. T.J. Patz

    6. Chance Huston


    1. Doug Crampton

    2. Greg Durbin

    3. Jason Masengarb

    4. Brian Bushong

    5. Terry Rentfro

    6. Joe Jones Jr.

    7. Scotty Powell

    8. T.J. Patz

    9. Leland Bushong

    10. Craig Crawford

    11. Eric Barnes

    12. Chance Huston

    13. George Spence III

    Mod Lites

    Heat 1

    1. Shon Sanders

    2. Brad Lucy

    3. Bryan Brinker

    4. Dan Guss

    5. Carl Pershing

    6. Sean Dray

    7. Brian Schnell

    Heat 2

    1. David Norton

    2. Blake Woodruff

    3. Mike Pershing

    4. Cody Brown

    5. John Belville

    6. Gary Snyder


    1. Bryan Brinker

    2. Shon Sanders

    3. Mike Pershing

    4. Brad Lucy

    5. Dan Guss

    6. David Norton

    7. Blake Woodruff

    8. Sean Dray

    9. Cody Brown

    10. Carl Pershing

    11. Brian Schnell

    12. John Belville

    13. Gary Snyder

    Extreme Auto Glass Street Stocks

    Heat 1

    1. Dwayne Smith Jr.

    2. Emily Gade

    3. Steve Gustaf Sr.

    4. Chris Lawrence

    5. Erick Turner

    6. Kevin Dickey

    7. Jim Parr

    8. Cord Williams

    9. R.J. Gonzales

    Heat 2

    1. Rob Nylin

    2. Rob Henry

    3. Chuck Fox

    4. Rick Schriner

    5. Phil Anderson

    6. Jeremy Gustaf

    7. Nick Lawrence

    8. Jerame Mowery


    1. Emily Gade

    2. Chuck Fox

    3. Chris Lawrence

    4. Rick Schriner

    5. Rob Henry

    6. Phil Anderson

    7. Rob Nylin

    8. R.J. Gonzales

    9. Nick Lawrence

    10. Dwayne Smith Jr.

    11. Kevin Dickey

    12. Steve Gustaf Sr.

    13. Cord Williams

    14. Jerame Mowery

    15. Jeremy Gustaf

    16. Erick Turner

    17. Jim Parr

    Aaron’s Affordable Towing 4-Cylinders

    Heat 1

    1. Zach Dahl

    2. Aaron Hitt

    3. Josh Starr

    4. Brandt Cole

    5. Bobby Barker Sr.

    6. Drew Wise

    7. Dillon DeKeyrel

    Heat 2

    1. Cameron Poci

    2. Brandon Dahl

    3. Junior Carmichael

    4. Erick Hood

    5. Wade Dahl

    6. Josh Sharpe

    7. Andy Loy


    1. Zach Dahl

    2. Aaron Hitt

    3. Wade Dahl

    4. Cameron Poci

    5. Josh Sharpe

    6. Josh Starr

    7. Brandon Dahl

    8. Erick Hood

    9. Dillon DeKeyrel

    10. Drew Wise

    11. Junior Carmichael

    12. Bobby Barker Sr.

    13. Brandt Cole

    14. Andy Loy

    Sexton Ford IMCA Late Models

    Heat 1

    1. Mike Garland

    2. Shawn Mulvany

    3. Gary Webb

    4. Mike Zemo Jr.

    5. Mike Guldenpfennig

    6. Buck Harmening

    7. Todd Malmstrom

    8. Bobby Toland

    9. Clint Morehouse

    10. Anthony Guss


    1. Mike Zemo Jr.

    2. Gary Webb

    3. Mike Guldenpfennig

    4. Mike Garland

    5. Todd Malmstrom

    6. Shawn Mulvany

    7. Buck Harmening

    8. Clint Morehouse

    9. Anthony Guss

    10. Bobby Toland

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