Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL Garfield, robinson, sparkman, frisch, stark, and thiering grab nstc 2012 wins on open

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    LOVES PARK, IL (Friday, September 28, 2012) ”“ The 47[SUP]th[/SUP] Annual National Short Track Championships got underway on Friday night at Rockford Speedway with six feature events in the record books. The winners included: Mitch Garfield won the Weekly Warrior 47, Johnny Robinson II in the All-American Sportsman, George Sparkman in the American Short Trackers, Bobby Frisch in the RoadRunners, Kyle Stark in the Hornet vs. Bandits, and Josh Thiering in the Figure 8’s.

    Garfield surprised many in the stands as he won the Stanley Steemer Weekly Warrior 47-lap feature event. Garfield got a great run on the final re-start to shoot by Jerry Gille with 12 laps to go and hold off the three-time champion to win the event.

    “I took the bottom on the last re-start and took my chances,” a smiling Garfield said in victory lane. “Gille was tough to hold off but we did it.”

    Jake Gille was the early leader and appeared to runaway from the event that was entertaining from the drop of the green flag. Garfield took advantage of the pick-a-lane restart to work his way up to the front.

    A multi-car wreck off of turn four with 12 laps to go would set up for a wild finish. During the caution, Gille would go to the pits after his right rear tire went flat. Then something appeared to break in Ricky Bilderback’s car, which sent him to the turn four wall on the restart. Jerry Gille inherited the lead with Garfield, who started tenth, behind him.

    Garfield timed the restart perfectly and got a run on the inside of a surprised Gille. Garfield would take over the lead and hold off the numerous attempts from Gille.

    As the white flag flew, Matt Berger got on the outside of Gille and would take over second. At the line Garfield took the win with Berger in second and Gille in third. Bobby Wilberg was fourth with Jon Reynolds Jr. rounding out the top five.

    Robinson started on the outside of the front row and got the lead from Scott Lawver as the field came out of turn two in the Metro Medical 40. Robinson put his #99 car on cruise control while there was a great battle behind him. Matt Lundberg started eighth and moved his way up to second by lap 18. Lundberg tried to chase down Robinson but would not gain any ground. Darrell Garman, Doug Bennett and Jason Thoma put on a great show for third all the way to the checkered flag. Robinson would take the win with Lundberg in second. Garman would take third while Bennett would edge out Thoma for fifth.

    Bennett won the Gilley’s Cool Five Championship for the All-American Sportsman division.

    Sparkman became a five-time champion in the American Short Trackers. It was also a third in a row for the veteran driver. Sparkman got the lead on after a restart from Scott Hoeft on lap seven. Nick Cina then challenged Sparkman for the remainder of the Hoosier Racing Tires 40. Cina made multiple attempts to get around Sparkman, but his car was on a rail on the topside and would get a good run off of the corners. Cina had his best shot with eight laps to go, but got loose coming out of turn four giving Sparkman the room to drive to victory. Rodney Gilley finished third with Kyle Stark in fourth. Joe LaMarca rounded out the top-five.

    Cina’s second place finished secured the Gilley’s Cool Five Championship for the American Short Trackers.

    Frisch took home the Sam’s Drive-In 40 Road Runner feature event. Frisch would get the lead from Derek Nichol with 16 laps to go and cruise to the win. Frisch would catch the leaders at the halfway mark. On lap 22, he would work the inside line and get by Greg Pruitt for second. Two laps later, he used the same line to get past Nichol for the win. Adam Cartwright was third with Howie Ware in fourth. Arlyn Roush rounded out the top five.

    Stark was the big winner in the Hornets vs. Bandits Crap Scrappers 25-lap feature event. Stark was in a great battle for the lead with Bryce Bailey in the closing stages of the event. With two laps to go, Bailey appeared to go into turn one and got loose, hitting the outside wall. Stark would lead at the re-start and cruise to victory. Tim Dickson was second with Stephen Hillary in third. Trevor Robinson was fourth and Steve McBride rounded out the top five.

    Thiering won the wild Figure 8 WXRX 15 lap feature event to close out the first night of racing. Derek Dobbs finished second, which was enough to secure the 2012, Figure 8 Championship. Jim Daugherty finished third.

    It will be a busy day on Saturday at Rockford Speedway. The track will open for practice at 10:30am. Grandstands will open at 2pm with Nason’s Landscaping “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet” qualifying at 2:15pm. After qualifying, the pits will be open for a FREE Open Pit Party until 5:30pm. Racing will get underway at 5:05pm.

    The Super Late Models will have their qualifying races along with features in five divisions. The Big 8 Series 108 will highlight the evening followed by the Area Sportsman 50, Illini Midgets 50, IL Vintage Racing 20, and the Hobby Stox 30.

    Come on out to Rockford Speedway and be a part of “One Great Racing Weekend!”

    NASCAR All American Sportsmen
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Johnny Robinson, II (r), Beloit, Wis; 2. Matt Lundberg, Rockford; 3. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 4. Doug Bennett, Brodhead, Wis; 5. Jason Thoma, Jefferson, Wis; 6. Daryl Gerke, Whitelaw, Wis; 7. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 8. Brett McCoy, Belvidere; 9. Kyle Chwala, Johnson Creek, Wis; 10. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 11. Justin Sellers, Carol Stream; 12. Rob Goodman, McHenry; 13. Jim Tate, Jr., DeForest, Wis; 14. Bob Moeller, McHenry; 15.
    Patrick Featherston II, Byron; 16. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 17. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 18. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 19. Aaron Katzenberg, Pell Lake, Wis; 20. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis; 21. Kris Nilson, Rockford.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 2. Johnny Robinson, II (r), Beloit, Wis; 3. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 4. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 5. Brett McCoy, Belvidere; 6. Rob Goodman, McHenry; 7. Jim Tate, Jr., DeForest, Wis; 8. Bob Moeller, McHenry; 9. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 10. Patrick Featherston II, Byron; 11. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 12. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis.

    Time Trial -- 1. Daryl Gerke, Whitelaw, Wis; 2. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 3. Doug Bennett, Brodhead, Wis; 4. Kyle Chwala, Johnson Creek, Wis; 5. Matt Lundberg, Rockford; 6. Jason Thoma, Jefferson, Wis; 7. Kris Nilson, Rockford; 8. Justin Sellers, Carol Stream; 9. Jim Tate, Jr., DeForest, Wis; 10. Brett McCoy, Belvidere; 11. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 12. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 13. Johnny Robinson, II (r), Beloit, Wis; 14. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 15. Bob
    Moeller, McHenry; 16. Rob Goodman, McHenry; 17. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 18. Patrick Featherston II, Byron; 19. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 20. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis; 21. Aaron Katzenberg, Pell Lake, Wis.

    American Short Trackers
    A-Main 01 -- 1. George Sparkman, Loves Park; 2. Nick Cina, Jr, Belvidere; 3. Rodney Gilley, Winnebago; 4. Kyle Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 5. Joe LaMarca, Rockford; 6. Jason Bragg, Machesney Park; 7. Gary Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 8. Alan Bekielewski, Roscoe; 9. Doyle Buzzell, Machesney Park; 10. Keith Pierce, Machesney Park; 11. Nick Letsinger, Rockford; 12. Scott Hoeft, Watertown, Wis; 13. Nick Worman, Woodstock; 14. Zach Rodriguez, Rockton; 15. Christopher Jones, Capron; 16. Scott Lawver, Roscoe.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Scott Hoeft, Watertown, Wis; 2. Nick Letsinger, Rockford; 3. Zach Rodriguez, Rockton; 4. Keith Pierce, Machesney Park; 5. Nick Worman, Woodstock; 6. Alan Bekielewski, Roscoe; 7. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 8. Doyle Buzzell, Machesney Park; 9. Mark Bielefeldt, Loves Park; 10. Gary Stark, Waterloo, Wis.

    Time Trial -- 1. Nick Cina, Jr, Belvidere; 2. Kyle Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 3. Joe LaMarca, Rockford; 4. Rodney Gilley, Winnebago; 5. George Sparkman, Loves Park; 6. Jason Bragg, Machesney Park; 7. Kyle Lapier, Belvidere; 8. Christopher Jones, Capron; 9. Gary Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 10. Nick Worman, Woodstock; 11. Zach Rodriguez, Rockton; 12. Keith Pierce, Machesney Park; 13. Nick Letsinger, Rockford; 14. Scott Hoeft, Watertown, Wis; 15. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 16. Doyle Buzzell, Machesney Park; 17. Mark Bielefeldt, Loves Park.

    A-Main 01 -- 1. Kyle Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 2. Tim Dickson, Beloit, Wis; 3. Stephen Hillary, Machesney Park; 4. Trevor Robinson, Rockton; 5. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 6. Ryan Nelson, Durand; 7. Nick Schmidt, Watertown, Wis; 8. Justin Pearson, Belvidere; 9. Ryan Ostenson, Beloit, Wis; 10. Robin Ulrey, Rockford; 11. Timothy Lund, Beloit, Wis; 12. Paul Kiefer, South Beloit; 13. Joshua Craft, S. Beloit; 14. Ross Lamont, Belvidere; 15. Jeremia Rychecky, South Beloit; 16. Cassidy Faust, Rockton; 17. Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 18. Jacob Aldrich, Rockford; 19. Merek Pankow, Jefferson, Wis; 20. Ed Klug, Oregon, Wis; 21. Dave Schmidt, Cudahy, Wis; 22. Josh Marx, Dousman, Wis.

    Last Chance "A" 01 -- 1. Merek Pankow, Jefferson, Wis; 2. Paul Kiefer, South Beloit; 3. Cassidy Faust, Rockton; 4. Eric Bennett, Beloit, Wis; 5. Ross Lamont, Belvidere; 6. Destiny Robinson, Beloit, Wis; 7. Tyler Deschaine, Loves Park; 8. Allen Maher, Jr, Milwaukee, Wis; 9. Kevin Gentry, Genoa City, Wis; 10. Craig Schmuggerow, Garden Prairie; 11. Gary Ballard, Beloit, Wis; 12. Scott Crawford;; 13. Breanna Martindale, Machesney Park; 14. Mike Mahurin, Poplar Grove.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Stephen Hillary, Machesney Park; 2. Josh Marx, Dousman, Wis; 3. Timothy Lund, Beloit, Wis; 4. Justin Pearson, Belvidere; 5. Robin Ulrey, Rockford; 6. Ryan Ostenson, Beloit, Wis; 7. Merek Pankow, Jefferson, Wis; 8. Paul Kiefer, South Beloit; 9. Cassidy Faust, Rockton; 10. Kevin Gentry, Genoa City, Wis; 11. Tyler Deschaine, Loves Park; 12. Gary Ballard, Beloit, Wis.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 2. Jacob Aldrich, Rockford; 3. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 4. Joshua Craft, S. Beloit; 5. Jeremia Rychecky, South Beloit; 6. Scott Crawford;; 7. Allen Maher, Jr, Milwaukee, Wis; 8. Eric Bennett, Beloit, Wis; 9. Destiny Robinson, Beloit, Wis; 10. Craig Schmuggerow, Garden Prairie; 11. Breanna Martindale, Machesney Park.

    Time Trial -- 1. Kyle Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 2. Dave Schmidt, Cudahy, Wis; 3. Tim Dickson, Beloit, Wis; 4. Christopher Jones, Capron; 5. Nick Schmidt, Watertown, Wis; 6. Trevor Robinson, Rockton; 7. Ryan Nelson, Durand; 8. Ed Klug, Oregon, Wis; 9. Robin Ulrey, Rockford; 10. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 11. Stephen Hillary, Machesney Park; 12. Bryce Bailey, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; 13. Josh Marx, Dousman, Wis; 14. Joshua Craft, S. Beloit; 15. Justin Pearson, Belvidere;16. Jacob Aldrich, Rockford; 17. Timothy Lund, Beloit, Wis; 18. Ross Lamont, Belvidere; 19. Ryan Ostenson, Beloit, Wis; 20. Jeremia Rychecky, South Beloit; 21. Merek Pankow, Jefferson, Wis; 22. Scott Crawford;; 23. Kevin Gentry, Genoa City, Wis; 24. Eric Bennett, Beloit, Wis; 25. Paul Kiefer, South Beloit; 26. Allen Maher, Jr, Milwaukee, Wis; 27. Tyler Deschaine, Loves Park; 28. Destiny Robinson, Beloit, Wis; 29. Gary Ballard, Beloit, Wis; 30. Breanna Martindale, Machesney Park; 31. Mike Mahurin, Poplar Grove.

    Weekly Warrior Late Models
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 2. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 3. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 4. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 5. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 6. Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove; 7. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 8. Mike Beyer, Machesney Park; 9. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 10. Matthew Clossey, Beloit, Wis; 11. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 12. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 13. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 14. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis; 15. Steve McBride, SouthBeloit; 16. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 17. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 18. Ricky Bilderback, Roscoe; 19. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 20. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 21. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 22. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park; 23. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 24. Brady Liddle, Oregon, Wis.

    Last Chance "A" 01 -- 1. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 2. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 3. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 4. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 5. Timothy Slater, Hampshire; 6. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 7. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 8. John Beinlich, Prairie View.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove; 2. Ricky Bilderback, Roscoe; 3. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 4. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 5. Matthew Clossey, Beloit, Wis; 6. Austin Nason, Roscoe.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 2. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 3. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 4. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 5. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 6. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis.

    Heat 03 -- 1. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis; 2. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 3. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park; 4. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 5. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 6. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 7. Steve McBride, South Beloit.

    Heat 04 -- 1. Mike Beyer, Machesney Park; 2. Brady Liddle, Oregon, Wis; 3. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 4. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 5. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 6. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 7. Timothy Slater, Hampshire.

    Time Trial -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 3. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 4. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 5. Dan Lensing, Poplar Grove; 6. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 7. Ricky Bilderback, Roscoe; 8. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 9. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 10. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 11. Matthew Clossey, Beloit, Wis; 12. Eddie May, Crystal Lake; 13. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 14. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 15. WayneFreimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 16. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 17. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis; 18. Brady Liddle, Oregon, Wis; 19. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park; 20. Mike Beyer, Machesney Park; 21. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 22. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 23. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 24. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 25. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 26. Timothy Slater, Hampshire; 27. Danny Church (r), Big Bend, Wis.

    Figure 8
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Josh Thiering, South Beloit; 2. Derek Dobbs, Rockton; 3. Jim Daugherty, Machesney Park; 4. Dave Lumsden, Jr., Rockford; 5. Dennis Smith, Jr, South Beloit; 6. Roger Champlin, Beloit, Wis; 7. Robert Stoltz, Rockford; 8. Steven Dover, Rockford; 9. Adam Cartwright, Belvidere.

    Road Runners
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Bobby Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 2. Derek Nichol, Roscoe; 3. Adam Cartwright, Belvidere; 4. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 5. Arlyn Roush, Woodstock; 6. Alex Chabucos, Machesney Park; 7. Kyle McQuality, Stillman Valley; 8. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park; 9. Cory Teran, Machesney Park; 10. Charlie Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 11. Shawn Rickelman, Rockton; 12. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 13. Steven Dover, Rockford; 14. Robert Myher, South Beloit; 15. Dave Lumsden, Jr., Rockford; 16. Dennis Smith, Jr, South Beloit; 17. Curt Nighswonger, Rockford; 18. Terrance Robinson, Beloit, Wis; 19. Jeff Jeras, Waukon, Iowa; 20. Roger Champlin, Beloit, Wis; 21. Robert Stoltz, Rockford; 22. Greg Pruitt, Rockford, 611.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Derek Nichol, Roscoe; 2. Greg Pruitt, Rockford, 611; 3. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park; 4. Steven Dover, Rockford; 5. Robert Myher, South Beloit; 6. Robert Stoltz, Rockford; 7. Brian Mayer, Machesney Park; 8. Ricky Nielsen, Rockford.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Dave Lumsden, Jr., Rockford; 2. Cory Teran, Machesney Park; 3. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 4. Kyle McQuality, Stillman Valley; 5. Charlie Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 6. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 7. Roger Champlin, Beloit, Wis; 8. Curt Nighswonger, Rockford.

    Time Trial -- 1. Jeff Jeras, Waukon, Iowa; 2. Dennis Smith, Jr, South Beloit; 3. Bobby Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 4. Terrance Robinson, Beloit, Wis; 5. Shawn Rickelman, Rockton; 6. Arlyn Roush, Woodstock; 7. Adam Cartwright, Belvidere; 8. Alex Chabucos, Machesney Park; 9. Greg Pruitt, Rockford, 611; 10. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 11. Brian Mayer, Machesney Park; 12. Charlie Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 13. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park; 14. Cory Teran, Machesney Park; 15. Derek Nichol, Roscoe; 16. Kyle McQuality, Stillman Valley; 17. Ricky Nielsen, Rockford; 18. Dave Lumsden, Jr., Rockford; 19. Roger Champlin, Beloit, Wis; 20. Robert Stoltz, Rockford; 21. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 22. Steven Dover, Rockford; 23. Curt Nighswonger, Rockford; 24. Robert Myher, South Beloit.

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