NASCAR Sprint Cup Head2Head: Can Junior win the 2012 Chase championship?

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    Much has been made this season, at different points, about Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s championship hopes. His 2012 season has looked, at times, hopeless, winless, competitive, resurgent, steamrolling and right back around again. After Daytona 500 success, an early swoon, consistent top-10s, and then finally breaking his winless streak, the Most Popular Driver has started the fall back to earth at the most crucial point of the season. He has alternated finishes outside and inside the top 10 in his last seven races to date, and finished 28th and 32nd before that current streak. His early show of promise and late mediocrity both beg one real, hard question about his current campaign. Can Junior win the 2012 Chase championship? David Caraviello and Nick Margiasso are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Read their arguments and weigh in with your own in the comments below.


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