Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL Jon reynolds jr. Wins big 8 108 at rockford’s nstc

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    Kevin Ramsell/NSTC Rockford PR
    LOVES PARK, IL (Saturday, September 29, 2012) ”“ Jon Reynolds Jr. has a trend going at Rockford Speedway’s National Short Track Championship Big 8 Series 108 feature event. In 2008 and 2010, he won the Saturday night main event. It was only appropriate that he does it again in 2012.

    Reynolds got past seven-time track champion Bobby Wilberg with ten laps to go to win his third Big 8 Series NSTC event in the last five years. Reynolds went to the inside of Wilberg coming out of turn two and pulled away to the win.

    “Wilberg got loose going into three the lap before and I could almost get there. I went into one and set myself up in the backstretch and had a good run,” Reynolds said about the winning move. “Got into three and he bobbled again and was able to shoot under him and had to finish the pass off of two.”

    Wilberg knew that he was going to have a hard time holding off Reynolds after the final restart with 22 laps to go. “He had a better ten lap car and I had a 20-30 lap car,” Wilberg said. “He was good for 10-12 laps and I was not. I got a long run deal here and he was ready for a short run.”

    Casey Johnson was the early leader after starting on the outside lane. Kyle Shear went to second. Johnson had a healthy lead until there the fans heard a large “pop” sound and Johnson started to slow on lap 34. Johnson would pull into the infield and was done for the night. Shear took over the lead.

    Dale Nottestad was contesting shear for the lead until the first caution flew on lap 50 when John Beinlich spun coming off of turn four.

    Shear continued to lead while Ryan Carlson and Nottestad battled for second. Nottestad got the position while Shear enjoyed a big lead.

    Caution flew on lap 59 when Jacob Vanoskey made hard contact with the turn one wall. He was able to walk away but was done for the night.

    Shear and Nottestad were having a classic Saturday night battle for the lead. With 22 laps to go, Nottestad got on the inside of Shear going into turn three. It appeared the two made contact causing Nottestad to spin and bring out a caution. Both were sent to the rear. Wilberg inherited the lead.

    Wilberg led until Reynolds made the winning move with ten laps to go.

    Mitch Garfield ended a stellar weekend with a third place finish after winning the Weekly Warrior 47 on Friday night. “We got the car pretty good last night and got the win last night which meant a lot me and our team,” Garfield said after the race. Today we qualified sixth and had a little trouble in the qualifying race. We just rode around in the beginning part of the race and let everyone come back to us. I just saved my tires and saved my brakes to be there at the end and just fell up a little bit short to make it two in a row.”

    Reynolds was the fastest qualifier with a time of 13.793 seconds.

    The season championship will be decided next Saturday night with a 48-lap feature at La Crosse Fairground Speedway’s Oktoberfest Race Weekend. More information can be found at

    For more information about the Big 8 Series, please visit

    Big 8 Series Limited Late Models
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 3. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 4. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 5. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 6. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 7. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 8. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 9. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 10. Danny Church (r), Big Bend, Wis; 11. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 12. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis; 13. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 14. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 15. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 16. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 17. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, Wis; 18. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 19. Dale Nottestad, Cambridge, Wis; 20. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 21. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 22. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 23. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 24. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 25. Casey Johnson, Stoughton, Wis; 26. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale.

    Last Chance "A" 01 -- 1. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 2. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 3. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 4. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 5. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 6. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 7. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 8. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, Wis; 9. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 10. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park.
    Heat 01 -- 1. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 2. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 3. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 4. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 5. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, Wis; 6. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 7. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Danny Church (r), Big Bend, Wis; 2. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 3. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 4. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 5. Jacob Finney, Sycamore; 6. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 7. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale.

    Qualifying Dash 01 -- 1. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 2. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 3. Dale Nottestad, Cambridge, Wis; 4. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 5. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 6. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 7. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis.

    Qualifying Dash 02 -- 1. Casey Johnson, Stoughton, Wis; 2. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 3. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 4. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 5. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 6. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 7. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis.

    Time Trial -- 1. Jon Reynolds, Jr., Rockford; 2. Jeremy Miller, Rockton; 3. Jerry Gille, Roscoe; 4. Jesse Bernhagen (r), Markesan, Wis; 5. Bob Wilberg, Beloit, Wis; 6. Mitchell Garfield, Gilberts; 7. Dale Nottestad, Cambridge, Wis; 8. Kyle Shear, Roscoe; 9. Jacob Gille, Machesney Park; 10. Matt Berger, Loves Park; 11. Ryan Carlson, Loves Park; 12. Casey Johnson, Stoughton, Wis; 13. Alex Papini, Machesney Park; 14. Mike Ehde, Prairie du Chien, Wis; 15. Rich Hinerichsen, Machesney Park; 16. Wayne Freimund, Elkhorn, Wis; 17. Brandon Eash, Machesney Park; 18. Danny Church (r), Big Bend, Wis; 19. John Beinlich, Prairie View; 20. Mark Hartline, Gilberts; 21. Steve McBride, South Beloit; 22. Steve Erickson, Jr, Machesney Park; 23. Jacob Vanoskey, Hartford, Wis; 24. Vern Fagerberg, Bloomingdale; 25. Braison Bennett, Neenah, Wis; 26. Tyler Peterson, Lake Geneva, Wis; 27. Mike Taylor, Stoughton, Wis; 28. Jacob Finney, Sycamore.

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