Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL Lundberg, bruns, slabenak jr., and robinson win on nstc saturday night

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    Kevin Ramsell/NSTC Rockford PR
    LOVES PARK, IL (Saturday, September 29, 2012) ”“ Matt Lundberg, Patrick Burns, Jimmy Robinson, and Frank Slabenak Jr. each took home feature wins on day two of the 47[SUP]th[/SUP] Annual National Short Track Championships at Rockford Speedway.

    Matt Lundberg held off Daryl Gerke to win the Goodyear Racing Tire Area Sportsman 50. Kody Hubred was the early leader with Lundberg chasing him down. With 21 laps to go, Hubred would get loose going into turn one. Lundberg would take dive under him Hubred and take over the lead coming out of turn two. A few laps later Gerke would take over the second spot. Gerke would try to chase down the Lundberg’s station wagon but would come up short giving Lundberg the win. Hubred was third with Kyle Chwala in fourth. Darrell Garman rounded out the top five.

    Patrick Bruns and Sean Murphy got the fans on the edge of their seats in an incredible last lap battle in the Illini Midgets Jersey Mike’s 50-lap event. Bruns crossed the start/finish line as the leader with the white flag in the air. Murphy got a run out of two and went back to the lead in the backstretch. Bruns got on the inside of Murphy going into turn three. The two touched in turn four causing Murphy to get loose allowing Bruns to take the win. Tyler Shullick was third.

    Jimmy Robinson was the big winner in the Hobby Stox O’Reilly Auto Parts 30 lap feature event. Robinson got on the inside of Bobby Frisch with 15 laps to go. The two battled side-by-side until Robinson was able to pull away coming off of turn two. Frisch finished third with Kyle McQuality in fourth. Derek Nichol rounded out the top five.

    Frank Slabenak Jr. held off Freddy Pitner and Dick Kath to win the Sunoco Race Fuel Illinois Vintage car 20.

    Two new NSTC track records were set in qualifying today. Daryl Gerke set a new track record in the Area Sportsman division with a time of 14.408 seconds. Dustin Ward set a new record in the Hobby Stox with a time of 15.730 seconds

    Sunday’s action will get underway at with Mid-American Series practice at 10:00am followed by the Super Late Model Shakedown at 10:45am. Nason’s Landscaping “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet” Qualifying for the Mid-American Series will start at 11:15am. Racing will get underway at 12:30pm with the Super Late Models 200, Mid-American 75, and the Gerber Collision Challenge on the schedule.

    For more information, please visit

    Make your plans to attend the final day of “One Great Racing Weekend!”
    Area Sportsmen
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Matt Lundberg, Rockford; 2. Daryl Gerke, Whitelaw, Wis; 3. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 4. Kyle Chwala, Johnson Creek, Wis; 5. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 6. Justin Sellers, Carol Stream; 7. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 8. Jim Tate, Jr., DeForest, Wis; 9. Bob Moeller, McHenry; 10. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 11. Patrick Featherston II, Byron; 12. Joe DeCubellis, Twin Lakes, Wis; 13. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 14. Doug Bennett, Brodhead, Wis; 15. Jason Thoma, Jefferson, Wis; 16. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 17. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis; 18. Aaron
    Katzenberg, Pell Lake, Wis; 19. Rob Goodman, McHenry.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 2. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 3. Rob Goodman, McHenry; 4. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 5. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 6. Bob Moeller, McHenry; 7. Patrick Featherston II, Byron; 8. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 9. Joe DeCubellis, Twin Lakes, Wis; 10. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis; 11. Aaron Katzenberg, Pell Lake, Wis.

    Time Trial -- 1. Daryl Gerke, Whitelaw, Wis; 2. Kyle Chwala, Johnson Creek, Wis; 3. Doug Bennett, Brodhead, Wis; 4. Austin Nason, Roscoe; 5. Matt Lundberg, Rockford; 6. Jim Tate, Jr., DeForest, Wis; 7. Jason Thoma, Jefferson, Wis; 8. Justin Sellers, Carol Stream; 9. Rob Goodman, McHenry; 10. Scott Lawver, Roscoe; 11. Kody Hubred, Cambridge, Wis; 12. Bob Moeller, McHenry; 13. Darrell Garman, South Beloit; 14. Matt Doris, Arlington Hghts; 15. PatrickFeatherston II, Byron; 16. Randy Rahn, Brillion, Wis; 17. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 18. Joe DeCubellis, Twin Lakes, Wis; 19. Aaron Katzenberg, Pell Lake, Wis.

    Hobby Stocks
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Jimmy Robinson, Orfordville, Wis; 2. Gary Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 3. Bobby Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 4. Kyle McQuality, Stillman Valley; 5. Derek Nichol, Roscoe; 6. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 7. Rodger Stephenson, Cambridge, Wis; 8. Nick Smalley;; 9. Adam Cartwright, Belvidere; 10. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 11. Tony Ciano, Milton, Wis; 12. Dustin Ward, Columbus, Wis; 13. Brandon Johnson, Milton, Wis; 14. Dennis Smith, Jr, South Beloit; 15. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 2. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park; 3. Rodger Stephenson, Cambridge, Wis; 4. Dennis Smith, Jr, South Beloit; 5. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 6. Nick Smalley;.

    Time Trial -- 1. Dustin Ward, Columbus, Wis; 2. Jimmy Robinson, Orfordville, Wis; 3. Gary Stark, Waterloo, Wis; 4. Tony Ciano, Milton, Wis; 5. Kyle McQuality, Stillman Valley; 6. Brandon Johnson, Milton, Wis; 7. Bobby Frisch, Beloit, Wis; 8. Derek Nichol, Roscoe; 9. Rodger Stephenson, Cambridge, Wis; 10. Howie Ware, South Beloit; 11. Jason Van Hise, Loves Park; 12. Joshua Lundy, Loves Park; 13. Adam Cartwright, Belvidere; 14. Steven Dover, Rockford.

    IRS Midgets
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Patrick Bruns, Champaign; 2. Sean Murphy, Elk Grove Village; 3. Tyler Shullick, Vermillion, Ohio; 4. Freddie Teer, Jr, Union; 5. Mike Gass, Worth; 6. Mike Anderson, Joliet; 7. Joe Knippel, Mokena; 8. Brian Dobis, Frankfort; 9. Allen Gillis, Westmont; 10. Doug Orseske, Frankfort; 11. Aaron Schuck, Joliet; 12. Andrew Henning, Indianapolis, Ind.; 13. David Budres, Beloit, Wis; 14. Vincent Kuelbs, Berwyn; 15. Jason Allen, Roscoe; 16. Lamont Critchett, Demotte, Ind..

    Heat 01 -- 1. Tyler Shullick, Vermillion, Ohio; 2. Lamont Critchett, Demotte, Ind.; 3. Patrick Bruns, Champaign; 4. Sean Murphy, Elk Grove Village; 5. Joe Knippel, Mokena; 6. Mike Anderson, Joliet; 7. Mike Gass, Worth; 8. Doug Orseske, Frankfort.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Jason Allen, Roscoe; 2. Freddie Teer, Jr, Union; 3. Allen Gillis, Westmont; 4. Brian Dobis, Frankfort; 5. Aaron Schuck, Joliet; 6. Vincent Kuelbs, Berwyn; 7. Andrew Henning, Indianapolis, Ind.; 8. David Budres, Beloit, Wis; 9. Basil Hicks, Joliet.

    Time Trial -- 1. Sean Murphy, Elk Grove Village; 2. Mike Gass, Worth; 3. Tyler Shullick, Vermillion, Ohio; 4. Patrick Bruns, Champaign; 5. Scott Koerner, Joliet; 6. Lamont Critchett, Demotte, Ind.; 7. Mike Anderson, Joliet; 8. Joe Knippel, Mokena; 9. Doug Orseske, Frankfort; 10. David Budres, Beloit, Wis; 11. Allen Gillis, Westmont; 12. Basil Hicks, Joliet; 13. Jason Allen, Roscoe; 14. Aaron Schuck, Joliet; 15. Freddie Teer, Jr, Union; 16. Brian Dobis, Frankfort; 17. Andrew Henning, Indianapolis, Ind.; 18. Vincent Kuelbs, Berwyn.

    Vintage Cars
    A-Main 01 -- 1. Frank Slabenak, LaGrange Park; 2. Fred Pitner, Cedar Lake, Ind.; 3. Tim Hamburg;; 4. Dick Kath, Janesville, Wis; 5. Nick Clubb, Morris; 6. Pat Echlin, Harvey; 7. Michael Marden, Monee; 8. Johnny Mac;; 9. Driver 01;; 10. Bob Vosatka, Lagrange; 11. Shane Heaney, West Allis, Wis; 12. Adam Laurie;; 13. Pat "Hacksaw" Heaney, Greenfield, Wis; 14. Tom Knippenberg, Channanon; 15. Denny Falkos, Waterman; 16. John Kettle;.

    Heat 01 -- 1. Adam Laurie;; 2. Fred Pitner, Cedar Lake, Ind.; 3. Bob Vosatka, Lagrange; 4. Shane Heaney, West Allis, Wis; 5. Johnny Mac;; 6. Driver 01;; 7. John Kettle;; 8. Denny Falkos, Waterman.

    Heat 02 -- 1. Nick Clubb, Morris; 2. Tim Hamburg;; 3. Tom Knippenberg, Channanon; 4. Pat Echlin, Harvey; 5. Pat "Hacksaw" Heaney, Greenfield, Wis; 6. Dick Kath, Janesville, Wis; 7. Frank Slabenak, LaGrange Park.

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