Dirt Racing MB Custom Late Model

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    2013 with '15 updates. LOW nights. Ran in Wissota Roller no shocks, seat or oil system: $12,000. Car has new body and nose. Ready to drop engine in and race. Comes with set of wheels and tires. This car could be easily updated to a 2019 front end for less than $2000. I have had no problem with the front end on it now, steers great lots of traction. But if you are particular about that, it's not hard to do, and could be picked up directly from Mars' shop (it’s sitting there now) Was originally a Isenberg Lucas Oil car. He ran 5 nights and sold out. Next guy didnt even put an engine in it. I ran it sparingly the last 3 years. VERY good car, has won a lot of races. Last year we stripped it, new powder coat on frame, fresh interior, etc. So you would not know this is a 2013... looks like a 2018 and that's not exaggerating. Text anytime 306-421-0021. Call if you prefer during the day. Email aaron.futuresigns@gmail.com
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