Meridian Speedway Meridian, ID Meridian Speedway 2015 Schedule

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    • April
      4 & 11 Test & Tune 1 & 2
      18 NAPA Auto Parts Big 5 Latemodel Season Opener 100- Grand American Mods, Bud
      Mods, Coors Supers, CWI Streets & TATES Hornets
      25 Idaho Tile & Granite Bike Races 4 Kids- Pepsi Sprints, Super6s, Dominos Legends, CWI
      Streets, Claimers, Jr Stingers & Karts
      2 Ladies Night Sprintcar Opener- Mt Dew Winged Sprintcars, CT400 Sprintcars, Bud Mods, Project Filter Pro4s, Mini, Claimers, & TATES Hornets Rookies
      9 Project Filter Twin 25’s & Military Appreciation- Pro4s, Pepsi Sprints, Coors Supers, CWI Streets, Minis, CWI Tuners & Jr Stingers, Trophies: Busted Spur
      16 River Adventures Raft Race Night- Clarity Credit Union Penny Gold 4 Rush for Kids, Grand American Mods, Bud Mods, Dominos Legends, Claimers, TATES
      Hornets & Dogs
      23 Les Schwab Tire Race Night- Sean Miller 50 Outlaw Modifieds, Pepsi Sprints LeeRoy Nelson 40, AC/EC 50
      Dominos Legends, Minis & Jr Legends
      24 Bill Crow 50- Big 5 Latemodels, Naylor Classic- Mt Dew Winged Sprintcars, Project Filter 75- Pro-4 Alliance,
      CWI Tuners, TATES Hornets & Idaho Tile & Granite Bike Races 4 Kids, Trophies: Boise Boys Transportation
      29 BOB FM Diamond Cup Stinker Stores Family Pass Night ”“ NSRA Winged Sprintcars, Super Trucks, Coors
      Supers, CWI Streets, Minis, Trophies: YMC Heating & Cooling
      30  BOB FM Diamond Cup & FIREWORKS presented by Star Diamonds- NSRA Winged Sprintcars, Super Trucks,
      Meridian Vintage Racers, CWI Streets, Claimers, TATES Hornet Rookies, Idaho Tile & Granite Bike Races
      6 EMS - Police - Fire - CO Appreciation Night- Pepsi Sprintcars, Grand American Mods, Bud Modifieds,
      Dominos Legends, CWI Tuners, Jr Stingers, TATES Hornets, Karts, Trophies by: Disaster Kleen-up
      13 Aarons Sales & Lease Night Fan Appreciation Night- CT400 Sprintcars, Super6s, Project Filter Pro4s, Coors
      Supers, CWI Streets, Claimers, Trophies: Racing for Smiles
      17 CWI Dairy Days Races & Carnival- Meridian Food Bank Benefit- TATES Hornet 100, Idaho Tile & Granite Bike
      Races 4 Kids, Pepsi Sprints, Bud Mods, CWI Tuners, Dogs, Trophies: Extreme Towing & Recovery
      20 Closed for Dairy Days Celebration
      27  NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125- Big 5 Latemodels & WIRA HOF Night, Pepsi Sprints, Dominos
      Legends, Mini, Jr Legends & Spectator Drags, Trophies: Connections Credit Union
      4 Stinker Stores Firecracker 50 presented by the City of Meridian- Outlaw Modifieds, CT400 Sprintcars,
      Project Filter Pro4s, Minis, Jr Stingers, TATES Hornets & Idaho Tile & Granite Bike Races 4 Kids, Trophies: YMC
      11 FREE CAR NIGHT- Pepsi Sprints, Project Filter Pro4s, Bud Mods, Supers, Legends, Hornets Rookies, Karts,
      Trophies: Boise Boys Transportation, Mr Green’s Scooter Race for Kids
      18 CWI Professional Truck Driving Twin 25’s- Clarity Credit Union Penny Gold Rush, CT400 Sprintcars, Meridian
      Vintage Racers, Streets, Claimers, Bud Mods, CWI Tuners
      25 Jeff Russell Road to Recovery Race- Big 5 Latemodel 75, Pepsi Sprintcars, Project Filter Pro4s, Claimers, Mini
      Stocks & TATES Hornets, Trophies: Cyclone Cycles
      30  The Pink Lady Classic - Davey Hamilton’s King of the Wing Sprintcars- USAC HPD Midgets (focus), INEX
      Legends Regional Qualifier Round 1 & CWI HS Tuners
      1 Idaho Central Credit Union Family Pass Night- INEX Legends Regional Qualifier Round 2, Coors Supers, CWI
      Streets, Mini, Jr Stingers, Karts, Trophies: Boise Bath & Kitchen
      8 EVE of DESTRUCTION 7- World Famous Boat racing & FIREWORKS, Hornets vs. the Gauntlet, The Beast Jet
      Dragster Hornet Car Meltdown, Spectator Drags, Pepsi Sprintcars, Bud Mods, TATES Hornets & Thunderdogs
      15 Closed for Summer Break
      22  Boys & Girls Club Night, presented by Sandi Floyd State Farm Agent- Idaho Tile & Granite Bike Races CT400 Sprintcars, CWI Streets, Claimers, Grand
      American Mods, Bud Mods, Mini & TATES Hornets: Trophies: Allison Concrete
      29 PROJECT FILTER TWIN 25’s- Pro-4’s, DF/DV Coors Supers, CWI Streets, Pepsi Sprints, Bud Mods, CWI Tuners & Jr Stingers, Dogs, Trophies: A-1 Chem Dry
      5  NAPA Auto Parts IDAHO 208 NASCAR K&N West Series & Fireworks presented by Platinum Motors- Super Trucks, Dominos Legend & Mini Stocks
      6 Oldies Cruze & Drag Night- Allen Stroebel Outlaw Mod Show, CT400 Sprintcars, TATES Hornets, Trophies: Jacksonbuilt Racing
      12 TATES Rents Fan Night presented by Bird of Prey Motorsports- Westcoast Vintage, Pepsi Sprints/Super6, Claimers, Mini, CWI Tuners, Mr. Sandman Bed
      Race, Trophies: Hunziker 98 Racing
      19 Pepsi Sprintcar Championship- Coors Supers, CWI Streets, Dominos Legends, Bud Mods, Jr Legends, Karts & Hornets Rookies
      25 Tom Elliott Sportsman Classic- NSRA Winged Sprintcars Super 6, Project Filter Pro-4’s, Minis, Jr Stingers, Trophies: YMC Heating & Cooling
      26  NSRA/WESCO Championship Fireworks- NAPA Big 5 Latemodel Series, CWI Streets, Claimers, CWI Tuners, TATES Hornets & Idaho T & G Bike Races
      3 Event Special- TBD
      10 Event Special- TBD
      17 Al Russell’s, DIRTY CUP ”“ Info to be released

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