Luskville Dragway, Luskville, QC Mike Ogilvie Picked The Right Day To Pick Up His First WIN

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    *There is no words that I can think of that accurately describe this past weekend at Luskville Dragway, the turnout of both spectators and race cars was over whelming. The atmosphere in the air on Saturday night was unlike anything I have been part of for a long time, and the show was spectacular to say the least. Never have we had so many people come up and congratulate us, tell us what a great time they had, in fact even the next day we had a few phone calls to thank us for a great time. And of course it is no better way to in the regular racing season at our track than on a huge high, which we did. We will have many stories all day long so stay tuned as we catch up with the web site.
    *Rumors where rampant all weekend of a $5000. to win all door car race in 2013, The Door Car Nationals would be a continuation of the promotion of more door cars at the track and in our sport. It would have been nice to see a few of the local door car guys at the race this weekend who will fit right in the program next season.
    *Congratulations too some more Luskville Dragway regulars who did well on the weekend, Lance Orr won Quick 32 at Grand Bend and Denis Black won Super Pro at Naperville, once again the Luskville Cars taking wins where ever they go.
    *It was great to have another new family that races join the Luskville Dragway Family this weekend, The Bosley race team from Vermont which consists of Dad running Super Pro and their son and daughter running in Jr. Dragsters. Luskville Dragway has a great family atmosphere and all the Jrs. are much a part of that, so new Jr. Dragster teams fit right in. Although they are not new too Luskville Dragway the Gilchrist Girls from Sudbury help make the Jr. Field a huge one once again this past weekend.


    As Sunday Morning rolled around there was a great buzz in the air, and it all stemmed out of Saturday Night and the wild show and the HUGE crowd. Everyone was talking about what a great day and night at Luskville Dragway, and what a great way too finish the racing season. Everyone was ecstatic about the day before, from a racers point of view they love to race in front of a big crowd, it pumps them up and makes them feel good to be part of the entertainment package, and that they where. So has things unfolded and moved along at a great pace things wound down to the finals in Jr. Dragsters where Ben Vanoppen would get rid of the bridesmaid gown from the previous day and take first place over Randilynne Urslak. The Semi Pro class had its drama even before first round started as Points leader Fred Ellis had to pull out of competition because of a broken part on his car. Fred was sitting in the lanes getting strapped in when a track official noticed that the left side wheel was tilted an awful lot, upon inspection it was revealed that a broken ball joint was the problem which could have been very dangerous had it not been noticed and Fred had made a run. So even though he was disappointed that he was out , he was glad it was caught before he run. So with the number one points leader in the Napa Auto Parts Series out of competition the door was opened wide open for chasers Bill Nolan and Gord Harling. But that was not too be the names that made it too the winners circle as Peter Gilchrist of Sudbury, a sophomore racer did the impossible and beat up on everyone to take his first win ever, and a Wally that went with it. And then the Super Pro Class that once again was 40 or more cars, that ran off a split ladder format with 8 dragsters and 8 door cars making their way to the money ladder where they re drew for positions. So as things wound there way too the semi finals Brad Silverthorn would take on Bill Harling and Derek Malcolm would take on Mike Ogilvie. With the cars being called too the lanes it was clear that one was missing as the Malcolm entree was not too be seen. Harling and Silverthorn would be the first to act and Harling would make his way too the finals, and still no Malcolm dragster. So the call was sent to fire Mike Ogilvie as he would single for the spot in the finals. Derek would bring everyone up too date after that the car would not start because of a bad solenoid and it was just one of the things that happens now and then too a racer. So Mike Ogilvie would make his way too the finals against Bill Harling which would pit door car against dragster which is what the split ladder has done many times since it has been instituted. Ogilvie who is with out question one of the most popular individuals that has ever been part of the track, lending help and parts to anyone in need was certainly the sentimental favorite when the lights came down. And many where pleased when the win light showed that Ogilvie had gotten his first win ever. The applause for the win was repeated when Mike made his way too the winners circle and was joined by one of the biggest pit crews ever. For Bill Harling it was a great way to end the weekend which saw him do more work on his car than most put together. As he changed tires, rear ends and gears in a effort too make the car work better and it did. Congrats to all the winners, congrats on being part of a record setting weekend, we have 5 time trial and cruise nights left at Luskville including the big street car bash on Sept 15th. And we have two more points events too be held at Shannonville Dragway Sept 15-16 and Oct 6-7 BE THERE.


    So as everyone crawled out of bed on Saturday Morning the weather man kept his promise and sunshine and just right temperatures met all. It was going to be a big day, with Door Pro and all other class's competing everyone knew we where in for one of the best days ever, and no one was disappointed. The car count was the best ever for the annual Fall race and as the afternoon wore on everyone could see that it was going to be the best ever spectator turnout for this race, but what no one expected was just how big that crowd was going to be. Yes a record setting day and night where in store in many ways. Things kicked off with Door Pro and the Jr. Dragster class, which had some new cars from Sudbury and Vermont with us for the weekend. The Jr. Dragster class made its way through eliminations with Chevy Morrow the points leader taking on and defeating Ben Vanoppen in the finals for all the money and all the glory. The Door Pro program which would wind up this weekend Saw the two fastest door cars square off in the finals, Rock Beaudion and Jamie Tupper made their way there and set up what was a very good final. Beaudion the number one qualifier with a 5:10 took the win and the $1000. that went with it. So with the first part of the day over things kicked into high gear for the Super Pro and Semi Pro cars which would take us right into the evening, the cruise night and the Jet car show. Semi Pro which saw forty cars go the lanes for first round ended up with Fred Ellis and Gord Harling in the finals. Two of the very best drivers, two of the points leaders so it was a good one. Gord Harling prevailed with the win light and the trip too the payout window for $2000. Super Pro which was running off a split ladder would wind its way down to the finals where Derek Malcolm and Tad Kaminski would do battle. Malcolm who had not picked up a win since early summer would not let this one get away as he took the stripe and the win and the $5000 that went with it. Then it was Diamond Jims turn to wow the crowd and wow the crowd he did with his spectacular Night of Fire Show, which over 200 cruise night cars got too enjoy as well. So all in all not much we can say to emphasize just how good it was as it was the best ever.


    The weather man for another weekend gave us a great kick off with a great forecast that came through and the racers came through also as the pits filled very quickly starting on Thursday. First up was the King of the track race where Kyle Jessup driving the Ray Families Dragster (both Kyle and his Day Qualified). The two class's Super Pro and Semi Pro ran off on different sides of the Ladder with Mark Thompson taking the semi pro side, where he moved on too face off with Kyle in the Finals and the King of the Track Wally. In the Finals the Super Pro Dragster prevailed and turned on the win light for the big win. The Gamblers race was well supported and Brad Silverthorn was glad of that as he made his way to the winners circle in that part of the evening.

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