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    It was Season Championship Night at the Miller Central Speedway. The evening was sponsored by American Land Agency and Boomsa Racing sponsored the Candy Scramble. There were 50 cars and a good crowd on hand on a cool windy evening.

    The Pure Stocks had a tight point race with Brandon Hammill leading Jordan Rawstern by four points and Preston Blackwell by 10. In heats, Hammill finished in front of Rawstern while Blackwell failed to start his heat.

    In the feature, Tre Blasdell ran off to a quick lead, with Hammill in second. Eventually Rawstern and Blackwell moved to third and fourth but race finished Blasdell, Hammill, Rawstern, Blackwell with Mike Hammill rounding out the top 5. It was Blasdell's eighth feature win at the track and it was Hammill's second straight Pure Stock title.

    In the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Lorin Johnson had a big lead with only Adam Brotherton in connection to unseat him. Brotherton's car was in a crash on Saturday night and he wasn't able to race.

    The feature was a good one as Casey Skyberg led the first 2 laps before Andy Johnson powered past. Johnson seemed uncatchable, but then a yellow flag with 3 laps to go put Lorin Johnson on his tail. Lorin took command on the restart and went on to win his 53rd Midwest Mod feature at the Miller Central Speedway and his 100th overall feature win at the track. After he took the checker Andy Johnson's car failed coming off of turn four setting up a mad scramble as the other cars dodged him. David Carlson slipped into 2nd, Andy held third over Brad Kopecky and Zach Pollock. It's was Lorin's fifth straight title in the class and his eight overall in the MW Mods.

    The WISSOTA Street Stocks had another tight 3 man points race with Michael Bogh leading Broc Stout by four points and Blayne Baloun by 14. Bogh and Stout won their heats with Baloun second in his.

    Baloun grabbed the lead on the start and fought off several challengers along the way. Other cars would get on his inside and nose ahead going into turn three, but then he would power off of turn four right next to the wall and retake the lead. The last few laps it was a four car battle between Baloun, Stout, Dustin Davis and Chris Serr. On the last lap Davis passed Stout and went after Baloun, clearing him on the inside, but Baloun did it one last time and won over Davis, Stout and Serr, while Bogh just nipped Doug LaVoy at the line for fifth by a couple of inches. It was Baloun's 21st feature win and the finally point tally was Michael Bogh winning the title by just TWO points over Stout, with Baloun 10 points back. It was Bogh's second Street Stock Championship at the track with his first coming in 2007.

    The WISSOTA Super Stock couldn't have been closer with Dustin Arthur and Cole Searing tied for the lead. Arthur was second in the heat with Searing fourth, giving Arthur a small lead.

    The feature started with Trevor Nelson running off to a big lead, with Arthur in pursuit, with Searing caught in traffic in sixth. Eventually Lorin Johnson passed Arthur for second. There was a yellow with 5 laps to go putting Johnson on Nelson's bumper. Johnson took the lead on a restart for the second time in one night, but Searing got a great jump and moved up the Arthur's bumper. But that was as far as Searing got and the top five was Johnson, Nelson, Arthur, Searing and Jeremy North. It was Johnson's 38th Super Stock feature win. The final point tally was Dustin Arthur winning the title by 3 points. It was Arthur's third straight championship and fourth overall.

    Saturday night will be the Season Finale, the 2015 Dog Days of Summer Big Dog race. With the WISSOTA Late Models and Modifieds joining the Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks in a with first place money ranging from $1500 for the Late Models to $450 for the Street Stocks. Admission for this special event will be $15 and the starting time will be the usual 6:00PM. With Huron not racing, a large field is expected. The last Saturday night race on May 30 with both Late Models and Modifieds added to the show drew a field of 87 cars. Come early for you favorite seat.

    WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 2. Trevor Nelson, Warner 3. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 4. Cole Searing, Huron 5. Jeremy North, Huron 6. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 7. Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence 8. Ethan Barton, Aberdeen

    Heat: Nelson, Arthur, North, Searing, Johnson, Barton, Tomes, Morris

    WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 2. David Carlson, Huron 3. Andy Johnson, Highmore 4. Brad Kopecky, Miller 5. Zach Pollock, Miller 6. Jim Danburg, Miller 7. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 8. Chad Selting, Miller 9. Nathan Jager, Tolstoy DNF: Casey Skyberg, Rapid City; Caleb Yost, Miller; Michael Rowedder, Aberdeen; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Scott Phillips, Huron; Rod Gross, Wolsey; Brad Lawrence, Fort Pierre; Colby Jensen, Pierre DNS: Lane Johnson, Miller; Dustin Hofer, Huron

    Heat 1: A. Johnson, Lo. Johnson, Kopecky, Yost, Selting, Phillips, Lawrence
    Heat 2: Hofer, Skyberg, Pollock, Gross, Jensen, Jager
    Heat 3: Carson, Rohwedder, La. Johnson, Danburg, Williams, Rawstern

    WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 2. Dustin Davis, Waubay 3. Broc Stout, Winner 4. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 5. Michael Bogh, Huron 6. Doug LaVoy, Ree Heights 7. Justin Boomsma, Hitchcock 8. Dave Brooker, Tulare 9. Curt Grace, Miller 10. Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence 11. Evan Wieseler, St. Lawrence DNF: Preston Blackwell, Miller; Landon Davis, Waubay

    Heat 1: Bogh, Baloun, Bertsch, Wieseler, Grace, Blackwell, Boomsma
    Heat 2: Stout, D. Davis, LaVoy, Serr, L. Davis, Brooker

    Pure Stock main: 1. Tre Blasdell, Miller 2. Brandon Hammill, Miller 3. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 4. Preston Blackwell, MIller 5. Mike Hammill, MIller 6. Tyler Kolda, Miller 7. Alan Jensen, Pierre 8. Josh Gebhart, Mitchell 9. Cassy Muilenburg, Mitchell 10. Tom Koster, MItchell

    Heat 1: B. Hammill, Rawstern, M. Hammill, Jensen DNS: Blackwell
    Heat 2: Blasdell, Koster, Gebhart, Kolda, Muilenburg

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