Miller Central Speedway, Miller, SD Miller Central Speedway August 2

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    It was a perfect weather night at the Miller Central Speedway. The races were sponsored by South Dakota Wheat Growers and there were 39 cars in the pits. The track was rewatered and packed after the heats and the racing was quick.

    The Pump N Pak Pure Stock feature led off the night with Brandon Hammill grabbing the lead and going all the way over a great battle for second. Tre Blasdell, Preston Blackwell, Mike Hamill and Tyler Kolda rounded out the top five. It was Brandon's fifth feature win and put him in the point lead over Jordan Rawstern, who dropped out of the race. There are just 2 races left in the 2015 Point Season.

    In the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Mike Rohwedder led the first three laps before a single car spin in two turn brought out the caution. Lorin Johnson pounced on Rohwedder on the restart and won his 52nd MW Modified feature at the track. Rohwedder fought off Zach Pollock and Adam Brotherton for second while Andy Johnson rounded out the top five.

    The WISSOTA Street Stock feature was the race of the night, with Kyle Bertsch grabbing the early lead while the Big Dogs snapped at his heels. He hung on for 9 laps until Kardell Boomsma went off of the track in turn 4 and ended up in a wet area across the pit access road. stopping in a cloud of steam. Bertsch hung on for another lap before he made a small error in turn four with the white flag in the air, with Michael Bogh going past on the inside. On the next lap around Broc Stout made the same move to snatch second. Bertsch held third over Blayne Baloun and Justin Boomsma. It was Bogh's 15th feature win at the Speedway.

    The grand finale was the WISSOTA Super Stock feature. Dale Tomes led the first 2 laps before Lorin Johnson took over. On lap 10, a spring fell out of Johnson's rear suspension and the rear end started to twist in the car, so he slammed on the brakes and stopped at the top of turn 2. Cole Searing led on the restart and won over Dustin Arthur, Jamie Neumiller, Tomes and Chris Walker. It was Searing's 11th feature win in the class.

    This weeks races will be the regular four classes with just 2 weeks to go to decide the Season Champions. Race time is 6:00PM.

    WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Cole Searing, Huron 2. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 3. Jamie Neumiller, Black Hawk 4. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 5. Chris Walker, Spearfish 6. Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence DNF: Lorin Johnson, Miller; Brandon Moser, Aberdeen DNS: Alan Dorris, Wolsey

    Heat: Johnson, Tomes, Arthur, Walker, Searing, Neumiller, Dorris, Morris, Moser

    WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Lorin Johnson, Miller 2. Mike Rohwedder, Aberdeen 3. Zach Pollock, Miller 4. Adam Brotherton, Huron 5. Andy Johnson, Highmore 6. Alan Dorris, Wolsey 7. Jim Danburg, Miller 8. Colby Jensen, Pierre 9. Brandon Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 10. Britt Williams, Fort Pierre 11. Jeff Rawstern, Blunt 12. Caleb Yost, Miller 13. Chance Osterkamp, Northville DNF: Nathan Jager, Tolstoy

    Heat 1: L. Johnson, Pollock, Brotherton, Dorris, Jensen, Hoftiezer, Osterkamp
    Heat 2: A. Johnson, Danburg, Rohwedder, Jager, Williams, Yost

    WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Michael Bogh, Huron 2. Broc Stout, Winner 3. Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence 4. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 5. Justin Boomsma, Hitchcock 6. Curt Grace, Miller DNF: Kardell Boomsma, Hitchcock DNS: Roger Bitz, Aberdeen

    Heat: Stout, Bertsch, J. Boomsma, Bogh, Baloun, Grace, K. Boomsma, Bitz

    Pump N Pak Pure Stock main: 1. Brandon Hammill, Miller 2. Tre Blasdell, Miller 3. Preston Blackwell, Miller 4. Mike Hammill, Miller 5. Tyler Kolda, MIller 6. Jackie Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 7. Alan Jensen, Pierre DNF: Jordan Rawstern, Blunt

    Heat: B. Hammill, Blackwell, Rawstern, Kolda, Blasdell, M. Hammill, Hoftiezer, Jensen

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