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    It was a cool and brisk evening at the Miller Central Speedway for the 2015 Dog Days of Summer Big Dogs race. With extra money on the line in all five WISSOTA divisions, seventy-eight cars were on hand. It may have been a hint of thing to come when Kardell Boomsma ended up on his top in the third Street Stock heat.

    Without so many drivers racing more than one division, the order of the feature races was scrambled.

    The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds led off the feature action. Lorin Johnson led the first 6 laps through several yellow laps for minor incidents. The only exception was when David Carlson spun coming off of turn two, collecting Jim Danburg and knocking both out of the race. Johnson led until Travis Saurer swept past and never looked back through several restarts. At the end the Saurer won his first feature at the Miller Central Speedway over Johnson, Camden Myers, Chad Olsen and Lane Johnson. Myers, the high schooler from Ethan making his first appearance at the track it was an excellent run, and Olsen had to go to the rear on an early restart and made his way back to the front.

    The WISSOTA Street Stock feature started off with a bang, literally. As the field was coming out of turn four in heavy traffic, Curt Grace's rear bumper got hooked and his car made a right turn and then he was hit in the side by both Justin Boomsma and Bruce Lundin. The impact knocked Grace into a 1 1/2 barrel roll, ending up on his top. No one had to make a trip to the hospital, but all three cars were knocked out of the race.

    On the restart Blayne Baloun led the first 2 laps before Broc Stout took over. Stout took a huge lead, but his car started fading on the last lap. With Michael Bogh coming up on him fast Stout moved to block coming out of turn four, killing Bogh's momentum and nearly wrecking both cars. The officials award Bogh the win and Stout seemed too embarrassed to complain. It was Bogh's 16th feature win at the Speedway, with Stout, Baloun, Kyle Bertsch and Chris Serr rounding out the top five.

    Next off were the WISSOTA Modifieds. Travis Saurer took off on the start, with Mike Stearns and others in pursuit. At the halfway distance a yellow flag brought the field to Saurer's bumper. Stearns got the jump on the restart and ran off to his first Modified feature win at the track and his first in Miller since 5/5/06. Tyler McDonald passed Saurer for second late in the race, with Saurer third followed by Jordan Foster and Alex Guthmiller.

    The WISSOTA Super Stocks were next with Cole Searing leading all way in a race punctuated with several single car spins on the slick track caused by the wind that only got stronger as the night got colder. Searing won his 12th feature at the Miller Central Speedway over first timers at the track Shawn Malsam and Curt Myers. Dustin Arthur was fourth followed by Kelly Duffy, making his first appearance at the track in at least 3 years.

    Then came the Frozen Finale, the WISSOTA Late Models. Chad Becker led the first 8 laps before Curt Gelling swept past and ran away to win his second feature of the season over David McDonald, Becker, Quentin Myers and Kelly Duffy. For Myers it was a moral victory, finished fourth with an underpowered Crate Late Model built for Wagner Speedway. But with the very slick track and the fact that Myers had more experience at the Miller Central Speedway than anyone else in the field put him in the top five.

    It was a fantastic season at the Speedway with more to come next season. See you all in 2016.

    WISSOTA Late Model main: 1. Curt Gelling, Aberdeen 2. David McDonald, Huron 3. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 4. Quentin Myers, Pukwana 5. Kelly Duffy, Winner 6. Dan Henricksen, Rapid City 7. Curt Kranz, Watertown 8. Virgil Randall, Interior 9. Mike Jager, Gettysburg 10. Rick Goth, Madison 11. Rich Thomas, Aberdeen 12. Casey Hanson, Badger

    Heat 1: McDonald, Becker, Myers, Duffy, Kranz, Henriksen
    Heat 2: Gelling, Goth, Hanson, Thomas, Randall, Jager

    WISSOTA Modified main: 1. Mike Stearns, Hecla 2. Tyler McDonald, Huron 3. Travis Saurer, Elizabeth, Minnesota 4. Jordan Foster, Henry 5. Alex Guthmiller, Watertown 6. Chad Olsen, Hendricks, MN 7. Nick Wranek, Harrisburg 8. Arne Anderson, Watertown 9. Jesse Young, Warner DNF: Justin Boomsma, Hitchcock; Nick Grehl, Hitchcock

    Heat 1: Saurer, Stearns, Guthmiller, McDonald, Olsen, Boomsma
    Heat 2: Foster, Wranek, Anderson, Young, Grehl

    WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Cole Searing, Huron 2. Shawn Malsam, Aberdeen 3. Curt Myers, Cameron, Wisconsin 4. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 5. Kelly Duffy, Winner 6. Lorin Johnson, Miller 7. Trevor Nelson, Warner 8. Jamie Neumiller, Black Hawk 9. Andrew Lehr, Roscoe 10. Alan Dorris, Wolsey 11. Brandon Moser, Aberdeen DNF: Jeremy North, Huron; Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids; Shane Brick, Aberdeen; Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence; Charlie Bloomenrader, Highmore DQ: John Kaiser, Lake Norden

    Heat 1: Myers, Arthur, Brick, Johnson, Moser, Lehr
    Heat 2: Searing, Malsam, Duffy, Dorris, Bloomenrader, Morris
    Heat 3: Nelson, Tomes, North, Neumiller, Kaiser

    WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Travis Saurer, Elizabeth, MN 2. Lorin Johnson, MIller 3. Camden Myers, Ethan 4. Chad Olsen, Hendricks, MN 5. Lane Johnson, Miller 6. Lee Dreher, Doland 7. Andy Johnson, Highmore 8. Chad Selting, Miller 9. Colby Jensen, Pierre DNF: Brian Bachmann, Pierre; Bill Leimbach, Fort Pierre; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Nathan Jager, Tolstoy; David Carlson, Huron; Jim Danburg, Miller; Rod Gross, Wolsey; Adam Brotherton, Huron; Caleb Yost, Miller; Brad Kopecky, Miller DNS: Tyler Myers, Ethan; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre

    Heat 1: Carlson, C. Myers, Danburg, Jensen, Yost, Dreher, Jager
    Heat 2: Brotherton, La. Johnson, Leimbach, Rawstern, T. Myers, Kopecky, Williams
    Heat 3: Lo. Johnson, Olsen, Saurer, A. Johnson, Gross, Bachmann, Selting

    WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Michael Bogh, Huron 2. Broc Stout, Winner 3. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 4. Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence 5. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 6. Doug LaVoy, Ree Heights 7. Andy Rossow, Florence 8. Scott Borstad, Volga 9. Paul Hartley, Brookings 10. Preston Blackwell, Miller 11. Evan Wieseler, St. Lawrence 12. Robert Harder, Huron DNF: Doug Godfrey, Hitchcock; Curt Grace, Miller; Bruce Lundin, Hanley Falls, MN; Justin Boomsa, Hitchcock DNS: Kardell Boomsma, Hitchcock

    Heat 1: Serr, Bertsch, Rossow, J. Boomsma, Lundin, Wieseler
    Heat 2: Stout, Bogh, Baloun, LaVoy, Blackwell, Godfrey
    Heat 3: Grace, Hartley, Harder, Borstad, K. Boomsma

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