Miller Central Speedway, Miller, SD Miller Central Speedway June 21

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    It was a beautiful breezy evening at the Miller Central Speedway. The races were sponsored by Harrell Brothers Farms, with extra money in the Super Stock purse. Rawstern Racing sponsored the Candy Scramble. They were forty-six cars on hand.

    With the new 6:00PM starting time the track was in much better shape and needed much less extra water. The races will now start at 6:00PM until further notice.

    As usual the evening feature events started off with the Pump N Pak Pure Stocks. On the first start attempt they almost completed a lap when Colton Fryer smacked into the concrete wall sideways and with a thud. He limped off of the track with 2 flat tires and called it a night. On the restart Colby Jensen led the first lap before Kyle Elsen powered by. On lap 3 Preston Blackwell and Ashley Wampler tangled in the turn 1 and 2 area. Wampler was charged with the caution and was sent to the rear. Blackwell would have got his spot back, but he had to pit and change a flat he had to restart at the rear also. On the restart Elsen ran off and hid. With a couple of laps to go, Wampler got back up to second and was closing in but ran out of laps. It was Kyle Elsen's first feature win anywhere with Wampler, Jordan Rawstern, Blackwell and Brandon Hammill rounded out the top five.

    The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were next with Brad Kopecky leading the first 3 laps. There were several minor skirmishes that thinned out the field. Tracy Johnson got the jump on Kopecky on a restart with Kopecky and Lorin Johnson snapping at his heels. Lorin got by to lead lap 11, but Tracy came back and lead lap 12 by what looked like 3 inches. Tracy got clear of Lorin and lead the rest of the way over Lorin Johnson, Kopecky, Dustin Hofer and Tyler Myers. It was Tracy Johnson's fourth feature win at the Miller Central Speedway.

    The WISSOTA Street Stocks looked like a runaway for 5 time Champion Blayne Baloun. But his car quit running coming off of turn two and Michael Bogh took the lead. Baloun couldn't get off of the track and there was a yellow. Baloun finally got his car refired again, but he was down on power. Bogh lead the rest of the way over Chris Serr, Broc Stout, who came back from a spin for third, with Doug LaVoy and Justin Boomsma. It's Bogh's 14th feature win at Miller, moving him into second place on the Street Stock list.

    The WISSOTA Super Stock were the grand finale. With the extra money on the line, the top 4 cars in each heat redrew for the first 4 rows. Three time Champion Dustin Arthur was on the pole and he ran off to a convincing victory over Cole Searing, Dale Tomes, Kolten Young and Josh Sterrett. It was Arthur's 24th feature win at the Speedway.

    Races will be held again next Sunday night for the regular classes. Remember, starting time is 6:00PM until further notice.

    WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence 2. Cole Searing, Huron 3. Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids 4. Kolten Young, Rapid City 5. Josh Sterrett, Huron 6. Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence 7. James Cary, Arlington DNF: Lorin Johnson, Miller; Brenden Rassel, Woonsocket; Brandon Moser, Aberdeen

    Heat 1: Searing, Arthur, Johnson, Sterrett, Morris
    Heat 2: Young, Moser, Tomes, Cary, Rassel

    WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston 2. Lorin Johnson, Miller 3. Brad Kopecky, Miller 4. Dustin Hofer, Huron 5. Tyler Myers, Ethan 6. Lane Johnson, Miller DNF: Spence Pollock, Orient; Jim Danburg, Miller; Zach Pollock, Miller; Caleb Yost, Miller; Jeff Rawstern, Blunt; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre; Jake Dimond, Rapid City; Michael Rowedder, Mina; Adam Brotherton, Huron; Roger Bitz, Aberdeen

    Heat 1: S. Pollock, Myers, Danburg, Hofer, Williams, Rawstern, DNF: Z. Pollock DQ: La. Johnson, Failure to Scale
    Heat 2: Lo. Johnson, Brotherton, Kopecky, T. Johnson, Dimond, Rowedder, Yost DNF: Bitz

    WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Michael Bogh, Huron 2. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 3. Broc Stout, Winner 4. Doug LaVoy, Ree Heights 5. Justin Boomsma, Hitchcock 6. Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence 7. Evan Wieseler, St. Lawrence 8. Curt Grace, Miller DNS: Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence

    Heat: Baloun, Serr, Bogh, Stout, Bertsch, LaVoy, Wieseler, Boomsma, Grace

    Pump N Pak Pure Stock main: 1. Kyle Elsen, Aberdeen 2. Ashley Wampler, Hecla 3. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt 4. Preston Blackwell, Miller 5. Brandon Hammill, Miller 6. Jackie Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre 7. Mike Hammill, Miller 8. Colby Jensen, Pierre DNF: Tyler Kolda, Miller; Colton Fryar, Westport DNS: Tre Blasdell, Miller

    Heat 1: Jensen, Rawstern, Elsen, M. Hammill DQ: Blasdell, Failure to Scale
    Heat 2: Blackwell, Fryar, Wampler, Hoftiezer, Kolda

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