Miller Central Speedway, Miller, SD Miller Central Speedway Results July 10

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    It was a hot, humid evening at the Miller Central Speedway. But a strong south wind kept everybody cool extra waterings kept the track in shape. There were 56 cars on hand for Holt Ranch night. For the second time this year, Mr. Holt donated extra money to the top four cars in the Late Model feature including $1500 to win.

    The Pure Stocks led off the six feature races with Kyle Elsen taking the early lead. On lap six Nathan Van Zee and Tre Blasdell got together hard in turn four. Both cars were out, with Blasdell going off on the hook. Elsen held off the Hammill family on the restart and won over Brandon Hammill, Mike Hammill, Tyler Kolda and Jordan Rawstern. It was Elsen's sixth feature win at the speedway.

    Next up were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. The usually chaotic Mid Mods finally had a feature go flag to flag with Lane Johnson outrunning his father Lorin for his second win at Miller Lorin was followed by Zach Pollock, Michael Rohwedder and Colby Jensen.

    The WISSOTA Street Stocks put on the show of the night. Michael Gapp lead the first lap, then Preston Blackwell grabbed it for two laps before Broc Stout took command. On lap six there was a three car accident in turn 3-4 with Clifford Houser ending up on his roof. Nathan Grehl and Kyle Bertch were the others involved. They were all out of the race, with Houser going back to the pits behind the wrecker.

    On the restart leader Stout's transmission failed at the drop of the green and the rest of the field went around him like the Red Sea parting. He managed to coast back to the pits and the race continued. Michael Bogh was now leading, Chris Serr swooped in and took it two laps later. Serr looked like a sure winner until he overdrove turn #4 on lap ten with Bogh retaking the lead and hanging on for his 17th feature win at the Miller Central Speedway. Serr, Wade Tirrel, Blackwell and Michael Logelin round out the top five.

    The WISSOTA Modifieds were next with David Carlson roaring off into the lead. Tyler McDonald made his way to second and then started running Carlson down, taking the lead lap nine and running away and winning his first feature at Miller. It was also his third straight night in the winner's circle, having won in Aberdeen and Huron the previous two nights. Carlson was second over Kent Arment, Nick Grehl & Justin Boomsma.

    The WISSOTA Super Stock feature went as per usual with Cole Searing getting his customary win over Casey Hanson, Jeremy North, John Kaiser and Bowdry Morris. It was his 20th feature win at the Speedway and his ninth straight going back to last season.

    The WISSOTA Late Models put on the Grand Finale of the night. Mike Jager led the first two laps before Brian Diede roared back and ran away by 2/3 of a lap in a caution free race. It was Diede's second win at Miller. Kent Arment, Jager, David McDonald and Josh Skorczewski rounded out the top five.

    Next Sunday night will be the second appearance of the Advantage RVs Modified Tour. It was be the final points night of the Tour which is always hotly contested by drivers all over WISSOTA country.

    WISSOTA Late Model main: 1. Brian Diede, Huron 2. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 3. Mike Jager, Gettysburg 4. David McDonald, Huron 5. Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen 6. Thomas Weisgram, Aberdeen 7. Chad Becker, Aberdeen 8. Curt Gelling, Aberdeen 9. Dustin Arhtur, St. Lawrence 10. James Hoing, Kimball DNF: Kelly Duffy, Winner; Rich Thomas, Huron

    Heat 1: McDonald, Skorczewski, Arment, Diede, Gelling, Arthur

    Heat 2: Jager, Becker, Duffy, Weisgram, Hoing, Thomas

    WISSOTA Modified main: 1. Tyler McDonald Huron 2. David Carlson, Huron 3. Kent Arment, Aberdeen 4. Nick Grehl, Hitchcock 5. Justin Boomsma, Htchcock 6. Arne Anderson, Watertown 7. Tyler Gefroh, Amherst

    Heat: Arment, McDonald, Grehl, Carlson, Boomsma, Anderson

    WISSOTA Super Stock main: 1. Cole Searing, Huron 2. Casey Hanson, Badger 3. Jeremy North, Huron 4. John Kaiser, Lake Norden 5. Bowdry Morris, St. Lawrence

    Heat: Searing, Hanson, Kaiser, North, Morris

    WISSOTA Midwest Modified main: 1. Lane Johnson, Miller 2. Lorin Johnson, Miller 3. Zach Pollock, Miller 4. Michael Rohwedder, Aberdeen 5. Colby Jensen, Pierre 6. Caleb Yost, Miller DNF: Jayme Peterson, Highmore; Britt Williams, Fort Pierre DNS: Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston

    Heat: La. Johnson, Lo. Johnson, Pollock, Rohwedder, T. Johnson, Jensen, Williams, Peterson, Yost

    WISSOTA Street Stock main: 1. Michael Bogh, Huron 2. Chris Serr, Aberdeen 3. Wade Tirrel, White 4. Preston Blackwell, Miller 5. Michael Logelin, Rapid City 6. Marty Tirrel, White 7. Kardell Boomsma, Hitchcock 8. Andy Rossow, Florence 9. Curt Grace, Miller DNF: Broc Stout, Winner; Kyle Bertsch, St. Lawrence; Clifford Houser, Kimball; Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock; Michael Gapp, Miller

    Heat 1: Serr, Logelin, Houser, Boomsma, Grace, Bertsch, Bogh

    Heat 2: Stout, Gapp, W. Tirrel, Grehl, M. Tirrel, Rossow

    Pure Stock main: 1. Kyle Elsen, Bath 2. Brandon Hammill, Miller 3. Mike Hammill, Miller 4. Tyler Kolda, Miller 5. Jordan Rawstern, Blunt DNF: Colton Fryer, Aberdeen; Tre Blasdell, Miller; Jackie Hoftiezer, Fort Pierre; Nathan Van Zee, Miller

    Heat: B. Hammill, Elsen, Fryer, M. Hammill, Kolda, Van Zee, Blasdell, Rawstern, Hoftiezer

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