East Coast Mini Stock Tour MMST Social Media Policy 2017

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    Social Media/Networking Policy

    1. Outlining Principles

    Maritime Mini Stock Tour (MMST) has an obligation to maintain a safe physical and emotional environment within the organization for Association Officials, Stewards, Technical Personnel, Registered Drivers, Volunteers, Tracks, Spectators and Sponsors. The responsibility is not entirely confined to the race track and/or at race meetings.

    The MMST takes seriously its responsibility in providing guidelines and a policy for its members in relation to what is deemed acceptable and appropriate online ethics and behaviors. Members of the MMST have a responsibility to ensure that all online communications are aligned with the Associations expectations in relation to appropriate and respectful interactions with designated officials, technical personnel, track personnel, drivers, pit crews, parents, spectators and sponsors.

    Social Media Misconduct includes, but is not limited to the following misuses of networking; harassing, intimidating or threatening another person by means of posting or sending inappropriate or derogatory email messages, instant messages, text messages, phone messages, images or website posting including those social networking sites such as facebook, twitter etc. and is irrespective of whether the page could be viewed by a broader community or not.

    All persons must also be aware that postings, comments and/or messages from ones individual account, IT tool or mobile phone, whether actioned by themselves or another person will remain the responsibility of the account owner.

    2. Procedure

    If a member of the MMST association wishes to make a report and/or complaint about an online issue, the established procedures listed below must be followed.

    1. A report and/or complaint made during the conduct of a race meeting and directly linked to that race meeting will be made directly in writing to the Board of Directors and will be subject to an investigation and may be subject to a hearing. 2. A report and/or complaint made outside of a race meeting will be made in writing to the Board of Directors. 3. All members of the MMST must be aware that in certain circumstances where action has transpired to criminal meaning or a crime may have been committed, they may also be subjected to a criminal investigation by the relevant authority (police) over which the associations will have no control.

    3. Penalties

    Any driver presented before the Board of Directors on a social media misconduct or online abuse offense must be aware that the penalties available to the MMST Member is not limited to but include a complete deregistration or suspension of the MMST Membership.

    Consideration will be given to the seriousness of the issue, the impact on not only the offended individual, but the MMST, and/or track in deciding the final penalty.

    In the case of a non license/Infringement card holder (i.e. parent, sibling, club member, pit crew, friend etc.) being proved to have engaged in online misconduct, the licensed driver engaging or otherwise directly associated with the person at the time of the conduct shall be deemed to be liable for the conduct of the person and will be penalized as determined by the Board.
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