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    The time has come to open nominations for the Racing Spectator Driver of the Year Award, and we need your help!
    Keeping with traditions Bruce and Bea Langille set, the Racing Spectator Driver of the Year Award Presented by is a fan voted award and this year we are opening nominations up to the community. As with previous years, a driver is not eligible to win the award twice (see list of former winners below). Nominations will remain open until Wednesday, September 19th, when all the drivers nominated will be placed into a voting pool. Round one voting will end on Tuesday, October 2nd and the top five will be announced later in that week.
    The final vote to decide the the winner of the Racing Spectator Driver of the Year Award Presented by will open on Wednesday, October 10th and will appear on the ballot with the 1st Annual Tim's Corner Motorsports Maritime Awards. Voting will run for two weeks and will close on Tuesday, October 23rd. The winner will be announced on the website and will be presented their trophy at their track or series award banquet.
    Fire up your favorite email program and send an email to with the following information:

    • Most important: the name of the nominee, track/series they compete in, division they compete in, number of car, hometown.
    • Why they deserve to be nominated for the award in 2012 (maybe they don't win a lot of races, but they are a true sportsman or are willing to help out should something go wrong with a competitor, we want to hear about them!).
    • Career Highlights/Accomplishments (championships, big wins, etc).
    • Any information you would like to relay to the public with your nomination.
    Current List of Nominees:
    Car Number - Name - Home Track - Division - Hometown
    Past Champions (Not Eligible for Nomination in 2012):
    2011: Darren MacKinnon
    2010: Mike Francis
    2009: Shawn Waterfield
    2008: Fred Broussard
    2007: Glyn Nott
    2006: Jerome Kehoe
    2005: Jonathan Hicken
    2004: Todd Tufts
    2003: Sandy Livingston Jr
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