Mason-Dixon Dragway, Boonesboro, MD Oct19 2013 Maryland Performance Center Real Street presented by Custom Towing Inc.

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    Engine / Base Weights
    N/A Small Block - 2800 lbs.
    -Any Cylinder head and Intake Manifold permitted

    N/A Big Block STANDARD deck - 3100 lbs.
    -Conventional layout/valve angle Heads ONLY, Big Chief heads prohibited
    -Production Cast single carb intake manifolds ONLY, sheet metal intake manifolds and tunnel rams prohibited

    N/A Big Block TALL Deck - 3300 lbs.
    -Conventional layout/valve angle Heads ONLY, Big Chief heads prohibited
    -Production Cast single carb intake manifolds ONLY, sheet metal intake manifolds and tunnel rams prohibited

    Nitrous Small Block -
    -Small block Conventional Inline 20*Ford, 23*Chevy, 15*OEM LS and 18*Chrysler ”“ 3150 lbs
    -Small block inline heads less than 20*Ford, 23*Chevy, 15*OEM LS and 18*Chrysler ”“ 3250 lbs
    -All other Small Block heads ie”¦ALL yates, sb2, blue thunder, etc”¦ - 3350 lbs

    -Single stage plate ONLY - commercially available plates only, no custom plates, ONE set of spray bars (1 fuel, 1 NOS).
    - If running cross bar plate, one set of spray bars must be capped off and will be strictly enforced.
    -1 Fuel, 1 NOS and 1 purge solenoid only.
    -Nitrous purge line must exit engine bay to outside of vehicle
    -EFI Applications- if running dry system you are only allowed one spray bar for nitrous and one solenoid for nitrous, fuel bar and solenoid must be capped off. If running wet system, you are allowed one spray bar for nitrous, one spray bar for fuel and one solenoid for each bar.
    -Foggers Prohibited
    -Digital Progressives permitted
    -Nitrous Jet Restrictions
    Conventional valve angle inline heads ”“ NO Jet Restriction
    Inline heads less than standard valve angle ”“ 102 Jet Canted valve and all other heads ”“ 73 jet
    -Jets will be checked during tech and after every round of eliminations after rolling across scales with official pin gauge. Anyone found in violation will be disqualified”¦NO EXCEPTIONS

    Blown Small Block - 3200 lbs.
    -Conventional stock valve angle inline production heads only, NO canted valve heads
    -Maximum single T76 mm turbo
    -Maximum single D1 ProCharger, Vortech V7 JT-trim supercharger or Paxton NOVI 2000
    - 6.71 roots blower, Whipple, Magnuson, and Kenny Bell superchargers permitted
    -No water/air intercoolers permitted unless factory equipped.
    -Either an Air/air intercooler or Methanol Injection is permitted, NOT BOTH.
    -V6, Inline 6cyl. and 4cyl. Combinations may deduct 300 lbs. and must adhere to same power adder specifications as blown small blocks

    -Conventional head valve angles ”“
    SBC ”“ 23*
    LS ”“ 15*
    LS-7 ”“ 12*
    BBC ”“ 26*
    SBF ”“ 20*
    BBF ”“ 15*
    SBChrysler ”“ 18*
    BBChrysler ”“ 15*

    -All Modular Ford engines permitted
    -2 valve and 3 valve combos deduct 150 lbs.
    -8.2 deck SBF combos deduct 100 lbs.
    -Boosted Big Blocks and Nitrous Big Blocks prohibited
    -One Power Adder ONLY, Nitrous used for intercooler cooling purposes or Spooling Turbos prohibited
    -Any Aftermarket EFI Permitted
    -Digital Ignitions permitted
    -Must have functional radiator cooling system
    -All intake manifolds with the exception of N/A small block applications must be a cast single carb style manifold, tunnel rams prohibited with the exception of N/A small block.

    -Leaf Spring Cars running leaf springs may deduct 75 lbs.
    -Ladder Bar suspension permitted, 4-link suspension prohibited
    -Shock relocation permitted
    -Mini-tubbing permitted, full tubbed and back halved cars prohibited
    -Cars must retain full front and rear stock frame rails in stock locations, notched frame rails permitted
    -Aftermarket Vehicle Specific BOLT IN front K-member and front suspension permitted
    -Smith Racecraft, Heights, or any variation front ends prohibited
    -Wheelie bars prohibited

    Fuels Permitted
    -Pump Gas, E85, Race Gas, No Methanol allowed

    Tires Permitted *NO EXCEPTIONS*
    -Maximum 29.5 x 9” slick
    -28 x 10.5 NON “W” slick
    -Any 275 Radial allowed
    -28 x 12.5 E.T. Street

    -Stock appearing
    -All cars must have OEM style body panels
    -Only fiberglass / carbon fiber permitted is the hood and bumpers
    -Maximum of 6” Cowl hoods
    -Forward facing hood scoops prohibited unless factory equipped
    -Lexan and Pro-Glass prohibited with the exception of truck rear windows for roll bar access
    -Must have working Head lights, tail lights and brake lights
    -Maximum 17” rear trunk mounted wing measured off back of trunk
    -Parachutes Permitted
    -Sticker, logos and decals limited to windows only, no decals permitted on body panels
    -Radiused inlets for Superchargers and Turbo Prohibited

    -Must be stock appearing
    -Must have two front seats, racing seats and belts permitted
    -Must retain stock style dash, aluminum and fiberglass dashes prohibited
    -Must have carpet
    -Must have stock door panels
    -Full finished rear seat deletes permitted

    Other rules
    -Must run mufflers, exhaust must exit underneath driver seat, dumps OK, NO fender exiting exhaust
    -Turbo entries do not have to run mufflers; however exhaust must still exit underneath driver seat.
    -Every car and driver will be required to go across scale upon initial tech inspection and after every elimination round. If round winner is found in violation of rules after round win, they will be disqualified and loser will advance to next round as long as they are not in violation as well. If both cars are in violation, both cars will be disqualified from race.
    -Class will be run 1/8th mile heads up .400 pro tree
    -Must have current license, chassis certification and safety equipment for vehicles E.T.
    -Must adhere to all general track rules

    Entry and Payout
    Entry - $60
    Winner - $600
    Runner-Up - $200
    Semis - $100
    Quarters (paid with minimum 16 car field) - $60

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