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    The biggest race in the 62 year history of the Mottville Speedway is now over!
    It was huge to put it mildly!
    Friday night M40 rained out.
    Saturday at Mottville we had an above average crowd and another very good car count for some very good racing!
    French fries are really big sellers at Mottville!
    I had 9 bags of fries for Saturday and to my absolute and utter amazement we were down to 2 bags after the races!
    So Sunday we picked up 14 bags on the way to the track!
    Ran out again!
    In fact even though we had stocked up, Jody Hurford had to hear to the store and resupply us before the features!
    Let me assure everyone we had done our best to be ready for Sunday!
    3 people in the concession stand instead of the normal 1 and at times we had 4 there!
    Two tech inspectors instead of one, actually 4 people selling tickets and pit passes instead of one!
    Two wreckers instead of one!
    Three push trucks instead of 2.
    The world famous Kalamazoo Track Crew-yes, I was very impressed with them! They are the best around!
    The number one problem bar none was that the 2nd scorer did not show up!
    For those upset about pay-off taking so long, that is the reason!
    The 2nd scorer was supposed to fill in the pay off sheets as the races went along, that would cut off a full hour from pay off!
    Scott Binkley did a masterful job scoring as I knew he would!
    More duplicate numbers then you can imagine!
    Tony Eldridge was his usual perfect turn 3 guy!
    And that, by the way, is a very tough job but Tony handles it so well!
    Jason Seltzer is one fantastic announcer!
    Andy Jack ended up with the unglamorous but needed job of running line ups back to the pits and helping wherever he was needed!
    Two flag people in addition to Jasyme and they did a great job!
    In fact, all the volunteers did a wonderful job!
    I saw people at Mottville Sunday I had not seen in years!
    Now some doses of reality!
    This show was only possible because of the sponsorship dollars, the great volunteers who worked and the promotion of the 3 announcers!
    No, you could not do this every week at Mottville!
    Once or twice a year, yes!
    I was talking to several regulars at Mottville this week and all agreed while Sunday was really something we are all anxious to return to normal this Sunday!
    Because we all kind of like our laid back atmosphere!
    We are doing it for the fun it, not the money!
    Now you would think from reading some of the Facebook posts that I am now the new Donald Trump!
    Yes, we made a profit!
    But every single dollar will be put back into the track!
    Its been that way for 22 years now!
    This week already they are siding the announcing tower!
    They started Wednesday afternoon and completed the east side and it looks great!
    We have some carpenter work we are waiting on for the pit tower and then it will be sided and new metal roof put on.
    Then it’s the ticket booth that will be sided!
    Looking ahead to 2013 we hope to side the pit rest room building.
    Addressing some of the complaints:
    Pay off time-see above. 2nd scorer did not show up.
    Rules-our rules are by design more open than most tracks. Please read them.
    Last year I took South Bend’s rules and modified them.
    Now maybe one car had a spoiler one inch too high, maybe I don’t know because I did not measure it.
    Our rules say 5 inches and I notice for 2013 South Bend says 6 ½ inches.
    Personally, I always like the late model style bodies!
    Now this is my theory and I ran it by several people who know this week and they all agreed: on a ¼ mile track slightly banked track, body style and spoiler do you either no good at all or very, very little good!
    As for the street stock that won-yes, a very good looking car! Very good indeed!
    But legal as can be!
    Again, read our rules, not what you think rules should be.
    Yes, I will be twinking the rules some in 2013 as a result!
    But by twinking I mean opening them up some more!
    To my absolute and utter amazement at least two people posted that they felt the starting paying should have been raised due to the crowd!
    We published the pay off well in advance!
    In fact, I as so concerned about getting enough crowd to make the pay-off that I brought along $2000 to be sure we had enough money to make the pay-off!
    If the crowd had been less I had no plans to cut pay-off!
    Why would you raise the pay-off for a one time event?
    We had already raised our pay offs at Mottville a few weeks ago and the starting pay for SS was $60 as was Mini Stocks.
    I noticed for 2013 South Bend is paying $50 to start for SS!
    South Bend paid $50 to start in 2012 for Mini Stocks and several weeks ago we raised our start pay to $50!
    MTC paid $50 to start and normal at South Bend and Mottville is $30!
    We try to stay with South Bend on start pay but can’t match them on win pay.
    Exception to that is the Sportsmen where we can’t match their start pay even though I sure wish we could!
    And remember we ran two Mini Stock features so that was double pay!
    I paid the regular pay-off for all races and the sponsors picked up the extra.
    No promoter can do much about cautions!
    Happens everywhere when you have a big race!
    Now a dose of reality on the crowd!
    Yes, we packed the place!
    But put that same number at South Bend or M40 with all the people they can seat and people would have been talking about how low the crowd was!
    And we had almost 100 free tickets given out for promotions.
    Anyway, it was quite the night!
    Glad to do it!
    Again a huge thank-you to the 3 announcers-Tony, Jason and Andy, the sponsors and especially Send Out Cards and all the volunteers!
    A huge thank-you to all the fans and drivers!
    South Bend Motor Speedway released their 2013 rules and pay-off this week.
    They have dropped the mini stocks and now there is a petition to get them back!
    Good luck!
    South Bend has a problem in that races are lasting too late and in their neighborhood that has the potential for problems.
    Really they are a victim of their own success!
    So as Detroit Tiger manager Jim Leyland would say the decision to drop the Mini Stock class “was a no brainer!”
    It was the lowest car count and they sure were not going to drop the fwd class as it is the class for economy and new drivers!
    Tuesday night Judy and I cleaned up the front side of the track and started restocking the concession stand.
    Wednesday we spent about 6 hours replacing bleacher boards in front and cleaning the back and restocking the concession.
    Still have Thursday to go and the place was a mess!
    Now we return to normal for several weeks until the Outlaw Late Model show on October 20!
    Sunday, September 16, gates open at 3:30 with racing at 5 pm.
    We will have our first Powder Puff in a bunch of years!
    Everyone racing in the Powder Puff must have a pit pass!
    Power Puff drivers must drive a MTC or a Hornet.
    Karts will join the Sportsmen, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Mini Thunder Cars and Hornets!
    -$10 adult admission,$5 ages 12 and under, $25 family pass(2 adults and unlimited children 12 and under), $25 pit pass for 6 classes of racing! Wow!
    Plus great concessions at very reasonable prices!

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