Laird International Raceway, Echo Bay, ON RACENIGHT Recap for Aug 30, 2012

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    The last scheduled race of the season was to have been Thursday Aug 30th, and due to cancellations through the season, it was only the 10th race night this year.To get another show into an otherwise short season, Laird Raceway management have decided to extend the season and hold an additional race evening on Saturday September 8th.
    After qualifying and a drivers meeting, our evening got underway at 7pm with a moment of silence for Jim Furkey, father of racing brothers Cory and Chris Furkey.Following that, announcer George Pinder introduced some of the track crew that help to make our show each week run smoothly.The national anthems were sung by Annette Bouchard.
    First out for the night were the Twisted Toyz Motorsports Super Late Models for a heat race.Only five cars came out on the track, with Cory Furkey staying in the pits with the #45 car, possibly with problems.Cory's brother Chris led all laps of the 10 lap green flag heat.
    The same five Super Late Models were first up after our intermission for their 20 lap feature race.Chris Furkey, starting out front was untouchable by other drivers, quickly opening up a 10 car length lead on the rest.The race was caution free and Furkey took the checkered for the second time during the evening, a nice tribute to his father.Paul McLean took second, Keith King third, Jordan Sims fourth, and Steven Baraluk fifth.
    Second out for the evening were nine Laird Modifieds for the first of two heats.Joining the group for the first time this year was Dennis Smith in the #19.Rick Ellis was out driving the #12 car usually driven by Denis Uhlman after having a bad wreck of his own car last race night.Ellis was driving the borrowed car just to protect his points lead and was not as competitive as he usually has been this season.Kevin Oicle started at the front in the #57, and kept the lead until lap 6 when he was passed by Nick Kozak.Kozak went on to take the checkered flag in the 10 lap race.Oicle had to settle for third after being passed by Jake Irwin on lap 9.Kevin Pace was fourth.
    The second LIR Modified heat ran in a similar fashion, with no cautions.Nick Kozak starting from fifth was up and past the leader Kevin Oicle on lap 5.Kozak didn't relinquish the position to anyone else and took the checkered flag for the second time during the evening.At the line he was followed again by Irwin and Oicle, with Zach St. John fourth.
    At the second attempt at the start, AJ Daniel ran high coming out of corner 2 and ended up clipping the backstretch guardrail.AJ left the track and was back out for the third attempt at a restart after a tire change.The third attempt at a start was successful, but with just a lap complete, Nick Kozak forced the field three wide on the backstretch when Rick Ellis slid up the track coming out of corner two.Kozak thought there was room, but there wasn't and he was pinched between Ellis and Jake Irwin and all three spun.AJ Daniel also got collected in the mess entering corner three and got some damage and was unable to join for the restart.
    The flagman called for a full restart of the race, this time single file.The cars got off to a successful start again and within a few laps Jake Irwin took the lead.We watched Irwin with Kozak challenging on the outside, lap after lap, until on lap 16, the two rubbed going into corner three and Kozak spun.Kozak was sent to the rear for the restart.Kozak brought out another caution on the restart when he jumped the start.At this point there were just 5 cars left running.Irwin had a good start and had a good lead on the other cars for the next two laps, until he came out of corner four and lost power and stalled on the frontstretch.Irwin was unable to complete the race.The race restarted with Kevin Pace in the lead followed by Ellis, Kozak, and St. John.Another lap in, and Kozak had worked past Ellis to take second and was working on passing Pace when Pace spun in corner four.Kozak restarted in the front, ultimately taking his third checkered flag for the night.Rick Ellis was second, Zach St. John third, and Kevin pace fourth.
    In Maitland Motors Factory Stock action we had 10 cars out for the first heat. Marty Devon was out for his first time this year, starting up front of the pack for the first heat. Devon did a great job of holding the lead for the first six laps of the ten lap race, when he was passed by Kyle Jarrett. Shortly afterwards he was passed again by Jason Praysner, ultimately finishing third behind Jarrett in first, and Praysner second. Brad Bibeau had a fourth place finish in that race.
    In their feature, Marty started out front again and held the lead until a caution came out on lap 4 when Jamie Fox slid a bit high coming out of corner four and hit the guardrail. Fox was unable to restart.As he was going round corner 3 & 4 he slowed down and moved up a bit. Brad Bibeau then attempted an inside pass as they came out of corner four onto the front stretch. Devon and Bibeau made contact and both spun into the infield. Bibeau was sent to the back, and Devon also ended up there after leaving the track for a tire change. Porpealia restarted third behind leaders Kyle Jarrett and Mike Corbett, Varcoe in fourth and Praysner was third from back. The race resumed and was caution free for the balance. On lap 14 Varcoe was shown the black flag, possibly for not holding his line around the track. Kyle Jarrett took the win, with Jason Praysner second, Marty Devon third, Mike Corbett fourth, and Brad Bibeau fifth.
    In the Leisure Living Factory Four heat, a complete restart was required when rookies Buddy Palahnuk and Ron Raynor made contact coming out of corner 2. The restart was successful, but then on lap 2 Taylor Crockford and Jenn King got together on corner four bringing out the caution. Crawford left the track but came back out before the restart and restarted at the rear with King. On lap three, Steve Ibbitson took control of the race from Brent Fewchuk.At the end, it was Ibbitson that got to carry the checkered flag, with Eric Brown second, Brent Fewchuk third, and Cody Champagne fourth.
    In the Factory Four second heat there was a good start, and no cautions. Cody Champagne in the orange #33, starting fifth took the lead early and held onto it, despite being challenged by Taylor Crockford in the #00 a few times. This was Cody's first win. Crockford finished second, JP DelPaggio third, Leila Uhlman fourth, and Jack Lannigan fifth.
    In their feature, the first caution came out early when Cameron Della Savia slowed going into corner 1.Eric Brown right behind then tagged Della Savia, which pushed Della Savia up a bit. JP DelPaggio was in the wrong place at the right time, and bounced up over Della Savia's right front, then promptly went up and over corner 2 into the grass. Della Savia restarted at the rear, and DelPaggio was done with damage. The race restarted and ran smooth until lap 11. Steve Ibbitson was leading, with Leila Uhlman inside and Cody Champagne, outside both close behind. As they came out of corner two, Uhlman drifted high, and made contact with Champagne.Uhlman was sent to the back, and Crockford left the track for a tire change so she restarted at the back as well. As the green flag was coming back out again though, Crockford left the track again and was unable to restart. That might be an unfortunate situation for the young lady as she held a slim points lead over second place Jack Lannigan in the points standings for the season.The race restarted and Ibbitson and Champagne were trading places for the lead until lap 17 when the caution came out again. Cam Della Savia broke down ended up against back stretch guardrail stopped. On the restart, Champagne jumped out front of Ibbistion and took the lead. Leila Uhlman started to challenge Ibbitson for second and got by him just before the caution came out again on lap 21. Sean Sikes had stalled up against the guardrail on the backstretch.Champagne was able to hold onto his lead for the last three laps of the race and took the checkered flag for the second time in his race career.Uhlman was second, Ibbitson third, and Brent Fewchuk fourth.
    The KM Construction Xtreme Four division had two heats and a feature during the night.In heat 1, #95 Wes Greco led the first four laps until he was passed by #61 Dustin Jackson. Jackson led for the balance of the race and took the checkered. Jake Bourdage was second, Daniel Bibeau third, Greco fourth, and Shawn Grenley was fifth.
    The Xtreme Fours required a restart as Wes Greco came up onto the track late as the cars were coming round for the green flag.The race restarted and ran caution free. Jackson took his second checkered flag, with Bibeau second, Greco third, and Bourdage fourth.
    In their feature, there were four Xtreme Four's on the track.Jakob Bourdage's car wasn't out, and Jakob was driving the #95 of Wes Greco. The caution came out on lap 8 when Daniel Bibeau slowed and left the track.Bibeau didn't continue the race. At the end, Dustin Jackson had the win, with Bourdage second, and Shawn Grenley third.
    In the Caswell Concrete Products Outlaw Modified division we had one heat and a feature.In the heat, there was a new driver, BJ Marcoux, in an orange #43m car.BJ's car failed two laps into the heat bringing out the caution.After the restart, the race ran green flag to the end. Cody MacLean won the race, with Keith King second, Kyle Jarrett third, and Ted Ritchie Jr. fourth.Ted seemed to be having some engine problems through the race.
    In the feature, the Outlaw Modifieds came out with four cars on the track.Cody MacLean at the front, was being persued closely by Keith King until King had some problems on lap 8 and fell off the inside of corner 2, spinning into the infield.Shortly before that incident, Kyle Jarrett in the #7 had left the track.Three cars restarted and the finishing order was Cody MacLean first, Keith King second, and Ted Ritchie Jr. third, a lap down.

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