Delaware International Speedway, Delmar, DE Robbie Walls, Jr. Passes Tech -Wins First Fall Championship In Crate Models

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    Robbie Walls, Jr. set the pace at the start of the 25-lap Crate Model Championship with Matt Hill and Tyler Reed in hot pursuit. The first yellow would fly on lap five when Kevin White and Brandon Sturgis tangled and under the yellow, Hill headed to the pits and was done for the night. Walls would survive two more yellows as he drove to his first Fall Championship and his first win of the season. Reed drove a solid race to finish in second with Zac Weller holding down third throughout the race. Fourth went to Sparky White and first year driver, Charles Shawver rounded out the top five. Walls earned $1250 for the win plus $340 in lap leader money and a $50 bonus from Carolyn Parsons for supporting breast cancer awareness for a $1640 payday.

    Official Crate Model Finish: 1. Robbie Walls, Jr.; 2. Tyler Reed; 3. Zac Weller; 4. Sparky White; 5. Charles Shawver; 6. Mike Wilson; 7. Greg Humlhanz; 8. Billy Thompson; 9. Brandon Sturgis; 10. Jason Dean; 11. Kevin White; 12. Kacey Klink; 13. Mike Wharton; 14. T.J. Williams; 15. Matt Hill; 16. Jamie Eichholz; DNS: Richard Harden; Travis Justice.

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