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Discussion in 'Nova Scotia Race Tracks' started by Administrator, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    The season is slowing coming to an end with 3-4 races left for each class. How has everyone made out this season? Is the season what you excepted?
  2. Matt97

    Matt97 Semi Pro

    I came into the season amped up on racing my first full season in years.

    I think i raced the first 5 weeks, was running just inside the top 10 in points. I was consistently placing around the same spots in the features, but i honestly just got bored. I havent raced since the twin 50's, and most likely wont race until the 2nd twin 50 race, then ill pack it in for the year. What i really want to do is do some traveling around to other tracks, but i no longer have a truck so it makes transportation hard.
  3. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    I was wondering what happen, had not seen you out much lately. I highly recommend trying Petty if you are looking for a track to travel too. Its about 2.5 hours away.
  4. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Matt you looked like a pinball the first few laps of the feature. Much damage? What happen to get you turned?
  5. Matt97

    Matt97 Semi Pro

    Track was just slick in the outside lane of turns 3 and 4. I assumed it had something to do with all the sportsman cautions the race before. I got myself sideways and bounced off the 156, no damage done other than some bent metal. The next lap around i stupidly ran the same line, and sure enough, sideways again. I avoided that area the rest of the race!

    Approaching lap 30 of the race, i got an aweful vibration in my front end. I went to the pits, got it jacked up, nothing loose that i could tell so i went back out to get a better feel, it didnt take much to figure out something surely was out of whack, so i put it on the trailer and called it a night. I was out in the yard about 20 minutes ago and noticed my front left tire was bulged out like a pregnant belly, it looks like a broken belt in the tire was to blame.

    Im doubtful to race the season finale, so id like to congratulate Jorden Smith on another championship season. Big congratulations to Jimmy MacMillan in the #22 Dodge Dakota on winning the heat race and feature on friday night, i know a lot of work went into that truck. Best of luck to everyone next race and thanks to all my sponsors (T. Bonins Autobody, Robinsons Extreme Towing, Rob Mason Backhoe Services & Performance Edge) and thanks to everyone in the pits who lent a hand to turn a wrench this year. Hopefully next year i can race a few more races.

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