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    It was a busy night at Midvale Speedway this past Saturday, September 8, as the six regular divisions were in action in addition to a Midvale Karting Series feature and a skid plate race. The double point Season Championship races were held and the point champions were also determined.

    Rich Dessecker and Alex Rosenberry were the front row starters for the 30-lap McIntosh Oil Company Late Model feature which saw 20 cars start with four more sitting pitside. When the green waved in front of the stout field, Rosenberry shot into the lead with Ryan Tedesco using the outside lane to get around Dessecker for second.

    A number of cautions slowed the early pace of the race which kept shuffling the field up front. It was on a lap five restart that Tedesco used the outside lane to convincingly take the lead. During the short green flag runs, Tedesco showed his strength with his newly clipped racecar by pulling away from the field.

    Most thought at this point that Tedesco would be the easy winner. Surprisingly, though, on a lap 14 restart, Rosenberry gave it all he had in the outside lane and drove deep into turn one. The car stuck and the rookie hammered the throttle coming off of turn two and cleared Tedesco by turn three and four. Unfortunately for Tedesco, he never got to see another yellow to try to get him back as the race went green for the final 16 laps.

    Meanwhile, fans were also keeping their eyes on the battle for the point championship, as Rick Sibila had just a seven point lead going into the final point race. That meant he had to finish within one position of Bubba Smith to hold onto the championship. With seven laps in, Smith was able to move around Dessecker to put a car between he and Sibila. At that point, Smith had the point lead by one. Later, though, Sibila was not only able to work by Dessecker, he also passed Smith to clinch the championship.

    At the checkered, New Philadelphia, Ohio driver Alex Rosenberry claimed his second Late Model feature win in the Rosenberry Towing/Navigate #2 while Tedesco, Sibila, Smith, and Mike Miller completed the top five. The rest of the top ten were Doug McMillen, Mark Willison, Tim Sibila, Ed Middaugh, and Brian Short.

    New Philadelphia, Ohio driver Matthew Mills, a rookie in the Summit Racing Economy Modified division, picked up his career best finish of second a couple of weeks ago. On this night, Mills was looking to do one better and represent former Midvale Karting Series competitors with another win, just as Rosenberry did. Mills took the lead early but with just a few laps complete, a sputter could be heard from the powerplant, slowing his pace on the straightaways. Justin Courtney moved into second early on, but it was Lee McCreery making his way quickly to the front. McCreery, who had won two features already on the season, worked by Mills on a lap eight restart to assume the point. The rest of the race went caution free with McCreery cruising to a 2+ second margin win. Mills was able to fend off challenges from Glen Jewell to hold onto second, despite carburetor issues. Following the Karr Automotive/Double Eagle Tattoos #2 at the finish were Mills, Jewell, Bill Westlake, and Doug Meyer. The rest of the top ten were Scott Archer, Kevin McClintock, Emerson Huffman, Lucas Ripley, and Randy Smart. Westlake and Mills won the heats, while Smart set fast time with a new track record. Smart also claimed the 2012 track championship. The Dover, Ohio driver has also claimed point championships in the Sport Stock and Pure Stock divisions over the years.

    Teddy Oliver took the early lead in the Pure Stock season championship race. The Canton, Ohio driver had a solid second half of the season to take the point lead and was looking to clinch his third straight division championship. Oliver, though, wasn't as fast as previous weeks and Mike Martin was able to scoot by him on a lap three restart. The race saw a couple of yellow flags but no one had a serious challenge for the leader. At the checkered, Canton, Ohio driver Mike Martin claimed the feature victory with Bill Aubihl, Oliver, Don Boron, Jr., and Vince Martin claiming top five spots behind the Thin Blue Line Security/Canton Car Connection #6. Others in the top ten included Nick Harmon, Joe Oliver, Bill Shimko, Tom Earley, and Joe Linard. Boron and Harmon won the heats, while Linard set the fast time.

    John McNutt used the third lane to take the early lead in the Compact feature event. On a lap three restart, Jeffrey Orr used the outside lane to go into the lead. Racing was tight and furious behind him, as point champion Braden Swaney was trying to claim the season championship win as well. With the laps winding down, Swaney was finally able to squeeze by McNutt in a three car battle for second. Over the final couple of laps, Swaney ran down Orr but ran out of time at the end. Under the checkered, Orr claimed the win, while Swaney, Clayton Oliver, Tim Frederick, and McNutt were top five finishers. A.J. Vasilliu, Ryan Shreffler, Lennie Orr, Larry Ennis, Jr., and Mike Swaney completed the top ten. Oliver and Bill Jane won heat races, while Braden Swaney set fast time and convincingly won this year's point championship.

    Coming into the night, the second closest championship race was in the Stock Compact division. Dan Buckey held a relatively slim lead on Kohlten Bryan in the class points. Buckey, though, has been extremely strong down the stretch by setting fast time and claiming wins with the car. That did not change on the final point night, even though Bryan was able to take the early lead. Bryan, the second year driver, moved out front on the first lap, while Buckey was working his way through traffic. His work looked relatively easy as he was in the right place at the right time to pick up a few positions quickly and move into second on the first lap. From that point on, it became a battle between the division's two best drivers since about week six this season. Bryan looked as though he was going to be able to hold him off as Buckey's advances were thwarted. However, a lap nine caution gave him the restart position needed to make the move. When the green waved, Buckey used the outside lane to race out front and claim the win. Following the Eastern Ohio Sport Complex/Kuester Implement #50 were Bryan, Chris Bloom, Gary Gibson, and Tim Frederick. Buckey won the heat while Allen Clark set quick time.

    Justin Badgett led the first lap of the Mini Truck feature but no one had anything to compete with John Bertram. Bertram, racing the Bond Heating & Cooling/Lake's Auto Recycling #155 nearly made the move from back to front in one lap. He did take over on lap two and set sail. Mike Martin followed him through traffic but came up 1.6 seconds short at the finish. Dennis Garrett, III, Badgett, and Robbie Patterson were top five finishers. Bertram's son Cyler won the heat, while John set fast time.

    26 competitors lined up for the carnage in the Midvale Speedway Skid Plate race. The event, which features front wheel drive vehicles with the rear tires replaced by skis, is not only a fan favorite but a driver favorite as the field continues to grow. A number of different drivers led early including Kyle Grewell in his mini van, Bryant Smith in his station wagon, and Corey Evey in his sedan. However, the goal of the event is to not spin and the driver that was able to keep it righted the most was Preston Walker. The Canton, Ohio driver, a former competitor with the template Late Models in series such as ASA, was able to nurse his ride to the finish for his first skid plate victory. Evey came across the line in second. After that, your guess is as good as ours.

    Rick Minnier used his experience to claim the victory in the Midvale Karting Series race held right before intermission. The Midvale Karting Series competes on a number of Sunday afternoons at the speedway. Information is available at midvalekarting.com.

    There is one more week left for the competitors at Midvale Speedway and it will be a season ending bash this coming Saturday, September 15. The 2012 Budweiser Fall Classic has racing for Late Models, Modifieds, Pure Stocks, Compacts, Stock Compacts, and Mini Trucks. In addition, the only Figure 8 race of the season will be held for front wheel drive cars. Spectator Drags will be run at intermission.

    At the end of the night, the always thrilling trailer race will be held. The trailer race rules are available in the rule section on the Midvale Speedway website.

    Pits will open at 3:00, hotlaps are at 3:30, qualifying starts at 5:00, and racing will be at 6:30. Grandstand admission is $15 for adults and seniors and $10 for kids 6-15. Children five and under are free.

    More info at midvalespeedway.com.

    Results For Midvale Speedway

    McIntosh Oil Company Late Models
    Top Qualifier - Rick Sibila 14.372
    Heat #1 - Doug McMillen, Alex Rosenberry, Bubba Smith, Rick Sibila, Ryan Tedesco
    Heat #2 - Ed Middaugh, Tim Sibila, Emerson Huffman, George Riddle, Bob Schneider, Jr.
    Heat #3 - Gene Molnar, Jr., Larry Baker, William Robinson, Joe Slentz, Jesse Page
    Last Chance - Gene Molnar, Jr., Larry Baker, William Robinson, Joe Slentz, Dave McAlicker, Bob Eichel, Ron Kirkpatrick
    Feature - Alex Rosenberry, Ryan Tedesco, Rick Sibila, Bubba Smith, Mike Miller, Doug McMillen, Mark Willison, Tim Sibila, Ed Middaugh, Brian Short, Bob Schneider, Jr., Larry Baker, Gene Molnar, Jr., George Riddle, Rich Dessecker, Emerson Huffman, Randy Smith, Dave McAlicker, William Robinson, Joe Slentz
    Summit Racing Economy Modifieds
    Top Qualifier - Randy Smart 14.806 NTR
    Heat #1 - Bill Westlake, Glen Jewell, Doug Meyer, Kevin McClintock, Randy Smart
    Heat #2 - Matthew Mills, Lee McCreery, Emerson Huffman, Mike Green, Greg Hole
    Feature - Lee McCreery, Matthew Mills, Glen Jewell, Bill Westlake, Doug Meyer, Scott Archer, Kevin McClintock, Emerson Huffman, Lucas Ripley, Randy Smart, Justin Courtney, Mike Green, Greg Hole
    Midvale Speedway Pure Stocks
    Top Qualifier - Joe Linard 16.338
    Heat #1 - Don Boron, Jr., Teddy Oliver, Joe Linard, Mike Martin, Bill Aubihl
    Heat #2 - Nick Harmon, Vince Martin, Tom Earley, Joe Oliver, George Bowers
    Feature - Mike Martin, Bill Aubihl, Teddy Oliver, Don Boron, Jr., Vince Martin, Nick Harmon, Joe Oliver, Bill Shimko, Tom Earley, Joe Linard, George Bowers
    Midvale Speedway Compacts
    Top Qualifier - Mike Swaney 18.118
    Heat #1 - Clayton Oliver, Braden Swaney, Mike Swaney, Tim Frederick, Larry Ennis, Jr.
    Heat #2 - Bill Jane, John McNutt, Jeffrey Orr, Danny Crislip, Ryan Shreffler
    Feature - Jeffrey Orr, Braden Swaney, Clayton Oliver, Tim Frederick, John McNutt, A.J. Vasilliu, Ryan Shreffler, Lennie Orr, Larry Ennis, Jr., Mike Swaney, Bill Jane, Wes Ennis
    Midvale Speedway Stock Compacts
    Top Qualifier - Allen Clark 16.581
    Heat - Dan Buckey, Kohlten Bryan, Chris Bloom, Tim Frederick, Howard Bartholow
    Feature - Dan Buckey, Kohlten Bryan, Chris Bloom, Gary Gibson, Tim Frederick, Howard Bartholow, Allen Clark
    Midvale Speedway Mini Trucks
    Top Qualifier - John Bertram 17.047
    Heat - Cyler Bertram, Mike Martin, Dennis Garrett, III, Justin Badgett, Robbie Patterson
    Feature - John Bertram, Mike Martin, Dennis Garrett, III, Justin Badgett, Robbie Patterson, Cody Collmar, Bob Parson
    Midvale Karting Series
    Feature - Rick Minnier, Gary Schumaker, Scott Cain, Lee Walters, Michael Phillips, Chuck Heyman, Mark Romar, Mitch Romar
    Skid Plate Race (26 Starters)
    Winner - Preston Walker

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