Onaway Motor Speedway Onaway, MI Season championships

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    September 13 , 2012

    It seems like the season just started and here we are with the season championships. We had around one hundred different drivers visit the track this year. They treated the fans to some of the best racing in Michigan. There was a lot of nose to tail and wheel to wheel racing with many races being won by inches.The Championship night winners are:Street Stock- Brad Biebo, Sport Mods- Stan Chaskey, 4 Cylinders-Zack Ohenley , Bombers-Perry Lyons, Pure Stock-Zack Knight, Modifieds-Jay Palumbo. Congratulations to all the season championship winners. We lost a few of our regular cars that raced at Kinross on friday but we also picked up some new drivers from the U P and Canada . Hopefully they will all be back next season. The evening started with a dash in the street stocks. Larry Young Jr.won the dash by a bumper with Paul Fox in second and Mike Corbit in third. The yellow flew in the heat sending Corbit to the pits. Biebo took the checkers,Young was in second, and Kyle Jarret took third. The yellow flew in the feature with three wide racing coming out of turn two. With all the congestion on the track Biebo managed to break away from the pack. Biebo won the feature,Young was second, and Mike Corbit was third. Dan Loshaw had problems with his mod so he took over the seat in the 26 sports modified, normally piloted by Zack Knight. Chantell Pauquet won the sport mod dash, followedn by Darcy Reed in second, and Stan Chaskey in third. Chaskey won the heat followed by Reed in second, and Loshaw in third. Reed and Jim Gort raced wheel to wheel for the lead in the feature. The yellow flew on lap nine when Loshaw spun in turn four. Pauquet and Chaskey raced wheel to wheel for six laps when Chaskey took the position on lap fourteen.Chaskey won the feature ,Pauquet was second, and Loshaw was third. In the four cylinder dash Braden DuBois held off Ohennley to win by a bumper. Allie Gray was third. Ohennley and Dustin Jackson raced nose to tail in the heat race when the yellow flew on lap six. Jackson hit the wall in turn three and ended up in the pits. Ohennly won the heat race , Jacob McBee took second, and Gray was third. DuBois and Ohennly raced nose to tail for three laps in the feature when Ohenley took over the lead. Gray and Andrew Sturgill went pit side mid race. Ohenley worked himself out to a big lead and the race was for second and third. DuBois,McBee, and Joey sage raced nose to tail for the two positions. Ohenley won the feature and swept the field for a clean sweep for the night. DuBois held on for second and McBee was third.
    Billy Clement won the dash in the bombers followed by Perry Lyons and Jim DuBois. Lyons had the lead in the heat race but got tangled in lapped traffic and Clement made a great move to take over the lead. Clement took the checkers, Lyons was second, and DSoug Carter waas third. The feaqture was mayhem on wheels. Travis DuBois pit, Clement Pits,Chris Jones Pits, Jim DuBois Pits, Ted Ormsbvee Pits, Carter Pits, and on and on. Lyons won the feature and the only other car still running, was Ralph Pearson took second. Ormsbee had to bring his car out on the trailer to claim his third place trophy. Brad Leach won the dash in ther pure stock dash. Zack Knight was second and Brady Nash was third. Chris Stark had the lead in the heat race finally giving it up to Leach. Delbert Dell went to the pits onb lap three. Nash and Knight raced for second running nose to tail for ten laps. Leach won the feature,Nash took second, and Knight finished in third. Stark had the lead for lap one in the feature when Nash and Knight went high and moved into the lead. They traded the lead back and forth for thirteen laps with Leach on their bumpers waiting for a mistake. Lap eighteen Knight took the lead and Leach moved into second. Knight won ther feature,Leach was second, and Nash took third. Trenton Anderson,a first time driver at the speedway, had the lead in the dash when he spun on the last lap bringing out the caution. There was a pile up in turn four with fourof the six cars pitting. Bud Gray won the dash and Brian Baumjgarten finished second. Joe Diceler won the first heat for the mods beating Steve Saddison by inches. Baumgarten was third. In the second heat race John Clawson and Joe Offerman ran wheel to wheel for four laps with Clawson taking the lead. Clawson went on to win the dash,Jay Palumbowas secdond, and Bud Gray finished third. Diceler and saddison raced wheel to wheel for sixteen laps in the feature when Saddison got loose in turn four allowing Clawson to move into second. Diceler piutted on lap twenty-two allowing Clawson the lead. Clawsom , Palumbo, and Baumgarten raced nose to tail and wheel to wheel with nobody being able to break free. On lap tyirty-six Palumbo managed to take the lead. He and Baumgarten then raced wheel to wheel for the final three laps with Palumbo winning by inches. Baumgarten finished a strong second and Clawson was third.

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