Cedar Lake Speedway, New Richmond, WI Smith, Mars and Davis Top Night #2 at Legendary 100

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    Night 2

    New Richmond, WI (September 14, 2012)

    The second night of the 2012 Legendary 100 saw a huge turnout of 167 cars signed into the pits in three racing divisions on Friday evening September 14 at the Cedar Lake Speedway. After eighteen heat races and nine B Mains had been completed, the qualifying feature events saw 2012 track champion Cory Davis race to the win in the Pro Stocks, Jimmy Mars pick up his first Modified feature win at CLS, and defending Legendary 100 champion Brady Smith cap off the night with a Late Model victory.

    With 57 Pro Stocks on hand, it would take six heats and three B Mains to set the 24 car starting grid for their 20 lap qualifying feature. Cory Davis and Cody Lee comprised the front row with Lee leading the opening lap. The caution lights were flashing on the next lap, as Lee spun in front of the field. This put Davis on the point on the restart, and he wasted little time in establishing himself as the car to beat. The race was slowed a couple more times under caution in the first four laps, but a final sixteen lap green flag run to the checkers would provide some very good racing up front.

    A good battle took place behind Davis with Mike Loomis, Jason Schill, Scott Lawrence, Tim Borgeson and Ben Hillman swapping spots around on several occasions. At the halfway mark, it was Davis, Loomis, Schill, Hillman, and Lawrence. With five laps to go, Schill got by Loomis and Hillman did the same a couple of laps later. On lap 18, Schill nosed past Davis for the top spot, as the three leaders were close together. Davis regained the lead at the white flag to set the stage for another Legendary finish. At the checkers, Davis crossed the line several feet ahead of what looked like a dead heat for second. Flagman Jeff Stacken called Hillman in second and Schill in third. Loomis and Lawrence completed the top five. Also earning transfer spots to the championship feature on Saturday night in the top twelve finishers were Joey Jensen, Eric Olson, Borgeson, Jeff Tardy, Rich Bishop, Dave Flynn and Trevor Wilson.

    Heat race wins in the Pro Stocks went to Schill, Jensen, Bishop, Lawrence, Loomis, and Davis. Steve Thomas, Ben Hainke and Lance Schilling topped the B Mains. For Davis, it was his sixth CLS Pro Stock win of the season and put him on the pole for the Legendary 100 title race on Saturday night.

    A whopping 74 Modifieds set a Legendary 100 car count record for the division. Eight heat races were necessary with Joey Jensen, Clayton Wagamon, Kelly Shryock, Tony Bahr, Mark Hanson, Mike Anderson, Ashley Anderson and Steve Wetzstein taking home the top spots. After Curt Myers, Rodney Sanders, Jason Miller and 2012 track champion Brent Larson picked up B Main victories, the 26 car field was set for the 20 lap Modified qualifying feature race. The front row would see USRA drivers Wetzstein and Josh Angst bring the field to the green.

    The Modified feature proved to be a marathon race, as six yellows made for a long 20 laps. Angst led the first half of the race through numerous cautions with Jimmy Mars, Wetzstein, Cory Mahder and Jody Bellefeuille in the top five. Following a restart, Mars grabbed the lead on lap 11 and took command up front the rest of the way. Angst held second until the final lap when 20th starter Rodney Sanders from Happy, Texas emerged from the three car battle for the runner-up sot with a second place finish. Angst finished third ahead of defending Legendary 100 champion Darrell Nelson and Wetzstein. Rounding out the top twelve finishers were Bellefeuille, Mahder, Brent Larson, Mike Anderson, Tony Bahr, Danny Bayer and Eric Pember. Attrition took its toll, as only half of the field finished the marathon.

    A strong field of 36 Late Models were on hand requiring four heats and two B Mains. Brady Smith, Nick Anvelink, 2012 track champion Brent Larson, and Adam Hensel topped the heats. Trent Follmer, racing for the first time in 2012, and Chad Mahder won the B Mains. This set the stage for the final event of the evening, the 25 lap Late Model qualifying feature. Jake Redetzke and Brady Smith hit the loud pedal, as 24 super late models thundered to life. Redetzke led the opening lap, but it was Brady Smith taking over on lap two. The race ran eleven laps under green before the first caution blinked on for a crash on the front stretch involving Follmer and Ron Berna. Smith continued to have things his way in the top spot, as Redetzke, A. J. Diemel, Steve Laursen, John Kaanta and Jimmy Mars battled behind him. When the final yellow waved with 18 laps in the books, it was Smith, Diemel, Redetzke, Mars and Kaanta in the top five.

    During the final 12 lap run to the checkers, Smith maintained control up front with Diemel in second. Kaanta steadily moved forward to grab the third spot on lap 23. Mars got by Redetzke with two laps to go and closed in on Kaanta. At the checkers, it was Smith, Diemel, Kaanta, Mars and Redetzke in the top five. Earning the remaining transfer positions to the Saturday night championship feature were Anvelink, Larson, Laursen, Hensel, Darrell Nelson, Chad Mahder and Zach Wohlers in the top twelve.

    The final night of the Legendary 100 wraps up on Saturday September 15 with all six divisions racing B Mains, Last Chance races and their championship features. Come on out and see who will be crowned the 2012 Legendary 100 champions in the Late Model, Modified, Pro Stock, Midwest Modified, Street Stock and Hornet divisions. Racing gets underway at 5:00 pm on Saturday.

    Cedar Lake Speedway Feature Race Summary September 14, 2012 (Night #2 Legendary 100):

    LATE MODEL QUALIFYING FEATURE (25 laps): Brady Smith 2T, A J Diemel 58, John Kaanta 85, Jimmy Mars 28, Jake Redetzke 27, Nick Anvelink 15A, Brent Larson B1, Steve Laursen 19, Adam Hensel 33, Darrell Nelson 44, Chad Mahder 71c, Zach Wohlers 71D, Rick Hanestad 71, Matt Aukland 12A, Kyle Peterlin 23, Tim Isenberg 9T, Randy Gullixson 51B, Mike Nutzmann, Brett Swedberg 3, Don Shaw 42S, Doug Blashe 1B, Greg Nippoldt 55N, Trent Follmer 00, Ron Berna 66x.

    MODIFIED QUALIFYING FEATURE (20 laps): Jimmy Mars 28, Rodney Sanders 20, Josh Angst 99A, Darrell Nelson 44, Steve Wetzstein 90, Jody Bellefeuille 11, Cory Mahder 55, Brent Larson IOU1, Mike Anderson 57A, Tony Bahr 110, Danny Bayer 36, Eric Pember 89, Kevin Viebrock 50, Curt Myers 91M, David Baxter 35B, Mark Hanson 18, Joey Jensen V2, Ashley Anderson 81, Clayton Wagamon 14W, Kelly Shryock 3, Cory Williams W, Erik Peterson 34, Ron Jones 77K, Rick Kobs 63, Jason Miller 12M, Keith Foss 95.

    PRO STOCK QUALIFYING FEATURE (20 laps): Cory Davis 20, Ben Hillman 22JR, Jason Schill 67S, Mike Loomis 17, Scott Lawrence 77, Joey Jensen 8, Eric Olson 1E, Tim Borgeson 31, Jeff Tardy 67, Rich Bishop 10, Dave Flynn 29F, Trevor Wilson 87, Donnie Lofdahl 1L, Scott Duvall X, Lance Schilling 43, Dan Gullikson 00x, Chris Wark 24W, Cody lee 50, Mike Hesselink 18, Mike Keller 31K, Ben Hainke 25, Andy Grymala 24, Lucas Plank 71P, Steve Thomas T17.

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