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    Bill Riley (VP ”“ Riley Technologies)
    “There were some positives this weekend. The crew did a great job. We ran every session and we had no mechanical issues. By that, it’s a very big positive. We had some issues the last race with cockpit heat and fuel-cell pickup. We addressed those. We now have some new issues, a big challenge coming up getting ready for Baltimore with the accident involving the 93. We’ll have to work hard this week in the shop and get it fixed.

    “We’ve haven’t had this car in a street-racing situation yet. We’ll have to see how it performs. The problem with Baltimore is there’s not that much track time. It’s going to be a tough road for us this week but this group seems to respond well to adversity.”

    Gary Johnson (Road Racing Manager, SRT Motorsports)
    “This weekend has been a great weekend for us. We would like to have finished both cars, but the 91 had a ninth-place finish which I thought was excellent and Tommy (Kendall) is OK after the accident. That shows how strong that Viper is physically. They’ll get the car back to the shop and put it back together. We should have two strong cars at Baltimore

    “I think all our drivers are very capable of adapting to a street course. They’re really talented. There aren’t that many differences except you’re more susceptible to damage if you’re off a couple of inches.

    I think we’re where we thought we would be in the development process after two races. We had a good strong finish with the 91 today. What we’re looking for right now is getting a little more top speed on the car. When we do, I think we’ll be right there. Today, the cars were great on the handling side. The brakes were very strong. The Michelin tires were perfect. All we’re looking for a little more speed to be more competitive.”

    Tommy Kendall (No. 93 Pennzoil Ultra SRT Viper GTS-R
    “Coming out of Turn Three at the end of the rumble strips there was a big jump of some sort that launched the car. I did it once before, so I knew better. When it launched the car before, I was waiting for something to break and it didn’t. That was three or four laps before. I told Bill (Riley) as I came by on the straightaway what had happened. One lap, it’s fine. I don’t know exactly what it is. You can’t see it. But I got over there and it launched the car again. When it landed, something broke and turned the car right and across the track into the wall.

    “It’s not the way we wanted our day to end. There’s so little time until the next race. Our primary goal was to get both cars to the finish and not do any damage. So, we did not accomplish that. That’s the overwhelming taste in my mouth right now. But every time we run the car, we learn about it, get miles on it. We learned something here the hard way. It’s a long project. Days like today are not the best ones.”

    Marc Goossens (No. 93 Pennzoil Ultra SRT Viper GTS-R)
    “The car wasn’t as good at the start as we had wanted, it was a little loose on entry. We made a change after the warm-up trying to get a little more speed and it turned out that wasn’t the way to go. It wasn’t the best we had the car all weekend but it was a very consistent car. All in all, I don’t think it was a bad day. We learned quite a bit during the run. Unfortunately, our race got cut short. We have something to look at, something to learn from as we get ready for Baltimore.

    “We made progress. We learned a lot about what the car likes and doesn’t like. Now, we go back to the shop and let the engineers look at all the numbers and see what they come up with. I think it’s been a good weekend for us.

    “I can’t say too much about Baltimore because I’ve never raced there before. We’ll see when we get there. But we should be a little more competitive on the road course compared to a track like this where speed is so important.”

    Kuno Wittmer (No. 91 Forza Motorsports SRT Viper GTS-R)
    “Another top-10. What more can you ask for from a program that made its debut two weeks ago. We’ve made excellent progress. I think that we were consistently fighting for position. We took this race very, very serious as if we were leading the race. We finished ninth, got some good data and had good comrade between the teammates and the crew. We had good driver changes and pit stops; everything was going in a positive direction again. I think it was a big step over Mid-Ohio. Now we get ready for Baltimore.”

    Dominik Farnbacher (No. 91 Forza Motorsports SRT Viper GTS-R)
    “The hole in the front was my fault. I had a battle with another car. I thought he would get by, but he broke very early. I left him the room. He was waiting very long to turn in and he pushed me off. At some point I had to turn in because I was running out of track. I touched him on the rear left corner and his fin went into the right front (under the headlight) and damaged it a little bit. It wasn’t that bad, looked worse than it was. I’m sorry Kuno had to drive with that hole in there. It took away a lot of the front bite, messed up the aero a little bit. We brought it home in ninth, that’s better than Mid-Ohio where we were 10th. We’re collecting points and getting better and better. We made progress all weekend.”


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