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    To All the Racers gathered at Centre for Speed this weekend:
    I wish you all the luck in the World. I wish I was there to talk to you, cheer for you, and enjoy the victories and defeats, but unfortunately, that is not to be. The owner of CFS refused to honour my request for press credentials stating that we did nothing toward supporting this event, Eventually, I guess he realized that we support all racing, racers and promoters but refused to answer me until 11:39 last night, offering me a press pass but obviously, it was far too late to make the necessary arrangements. He claimed that I had requested two passes and that was why the problem. Any of you that know me, and most of you do, know that this was a slip on my part caused by not thinking and requesting a pass for my late wife. Oops!!! I goofed I guess, but I don't think that that was the problem at all.
    Anyway, I will see you all at Petty Raceway next week. In the meantime, have fun guys, and gals, and enjoy the moments as they unfold.
  2. Bruce Langille

    Bruce Langille Semi Pro

    Just in case, let me be clear. The opinions above are mine alone, and have no involvement by the owner of this site.
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    No problem Bruce, thanks for trying! I had also sent a message for a explanation but did not get a reply at all. Petty should be a good event this week end!

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