Heartland Park, Topeka, KS Tenpenny Wins Factory Stock Thriller, Tyler Schmidt Gets First Modified Win

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    Tenpenny Wins Factory Stock Thriller, Tyler Schmidt Gets First Modified Win At BriggsAuto.Com Speedway

    September 30, 2012

    By: Larry Lowrey

    Topeka, KS ”“ If Saturday night was any indication of how Sunday night’s
    races will go, fans need to start lining up right now to get in for what
    is certain to be an awesome race.

    A total of 113 drivers checked in to battle it out on the first of 2
    straight nights to close out the 2012 season at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway.
    At the end of the night fans were treated to some of the best racing of
    the season. The night was representative of just how great the season has
    been at Heartland Park this season”¦

    The thriller of the night came in the Super 8 at Forbes Landing Factory
    Stock division. Travis Tenpenny held off Scott Stuart, Terry Schmidt and
    Zach Henery at the line to win his 1st feature of 2012. Tenpenny becomes
    just the 5th different feature winner in the division.

    Marvin Griffith Jr. and Tenpenny brought the field of 22 cars to the green
    flag for the feature, but they would only get a 1/4 of a lap in before a
    wild yellow would bring out the race’s first caution.

    Bob Troutwine had a fuel leak on the first lap. The speedway lit up like
    the fourth of July and fortunately the fire was quickly contained by track

    Once back to green flag racing it was a spectacular race. Griffith would
    lead the first lap and on the 2nd lap as Griffith pushed up the speedway,
    Tenpenny saw his opportunity to take the top spot. The top spot fit
    Tenpenny well and lady luck was riding with the driver from Topeka. It
    never hurts to have luck on your side.

    In the lead for a majority of the race, Tenpenny would receive pressure
    from Terry Schmidt, the 2012 Track Champion at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway,
    and Scott Stuart. Both drivers would overtake Tenpenny for the lead, but
    each time they moved in front a yellow flag would come out and negate
    their pass. Tenpenny knew that he was in a dog fight for all 15 laps and
    was ready for the challenge.

    “It was a tough race,” said Tenpenny, “I was racing with a lot of good
    stock car drivers. Scott Stuart, Schmidt”¦. it was good racing and it was

    During the final laps it became a 4 way race as not only Tenpenny and
    Stuart were there, so was Schmidt and Henery. As the 4 cars came to the
    white flag, Stuart had edged in front of Tenpenny to take the lead. In the
    lead Stuart decided to take the line that Tenpenny had been driving, it
    might be a decision that he would want to re-think later. Heading into
    turn 3 Stuart dove to the bottom and when he did his car skated quickly to
    the high side of turn 4. This left the door open for Tenpenny, who had run
    a flawless race on the bottom of the track, to retake the top spot as he
    drove to the checkered flag.

    Stuart recovered to take the runner-up spot, Schmidt finished a close 3rd,
    Henery finished up in the 4th position and coming in the 5th position was
    Mike Taylor.

    This year has been an outstanding year for the Washburn Tech Modified
    division. Leading up to Saturday night there have been a total of 10
    different winners on the season. A number that is pretty impressive and
    says a lot about the competition level at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway. Raise
    that number up to 11 after Saturday night, Tyler Schmidt finally got that
    elusive win!

    Schmidt had never won a Modified feature before in his young career. He
    was close. Earlier in the season he lead 24 of 25 laps only to have his
    hopes of a win dashed by Darron Fuqua on the final lap of the feature.
    Tonight he didn’t have to worry about anyone dashing anything, Schmidt
    would lead all 25 laps of the feature on his way to his first victory.

    “Man I was just hoping that we could hang on to it,” said Schmidt, “I knew
    that Steve (Bowers) was there and ”¦ (whew) finally got it done my first
    career modified win.”

    It was a win that he will never forget. A late race yellow would come out
    with 5 laps remaining. Schmidt had done a masterful job hitting his marks
    all feature long. On the restart, Bowers tried to mount an attack on
    Schmidt. Schmidt at one point, bobbled through a rough patch in turn 3 and
    almost gave up the lead. He wasn’t going to be denied on this night as he
    would fight back and extend the lead on the final lap and take his 1st
    career win.

    Aaron Marrant drove all the way from 19th to finish in the runner up spot,
    3rd would go to Bowers, last week’s winner, Josh Everhart, finished 4th
    and the 2012 Track Champion, Darron Fuqua, finished in 5th.

    Twenty four cars lined up for the Casey’s General Store Pure Stock feature
    on Saturday night. It was the 2nd time this season that a full field of
    cars would start the main event. It’s another example of this class is
    growing in leaps and bounds.

    Six times this season Jesse Shotts has finished at the front of a feature
    event. The Topeka racer had established himself as one of the best at
    BriggsAuto.Com Speedway when it comes to racking up wins. Throw win number
    7 on the board as Shotts ran away with the show on Saturday night.

    “The track was pretty good tonight, the Reed Bros. (Ronny and Donny) did a
    heck of a job,” said Shotts, “and we’ll come back out tomorrow night and
    see if we can do it again.”

    Shotts got the drop on the field from the waving of the green flag. Lap
    after lap, Shotts made it look easy as he could put his car anywhere on
    the track and move forward. It resembled a perfect night for Shotts. He
    would start the night out with a heat race win, started on the pole of the
    feature and then led every lap on the way to win number 7.

    Byron Glotzbach saw his best career finish in the feature coming home in
    2nd, 3rd went to Darren Davenport, 4th was AJ Christian and rounding out
    the top 5 was David McDonald.

    In the White Line CDL Training B Mods feature it was Jake Richards getting
    the victory.

    This class saw the most movement of any features on the night. All of the
    drivers in the top 5, with the exception of 1, started the feature in the
    6th row or further back.

    Richards has been on fire in the last month driving his B Mod. At
    BriggsAuto.Com Speedway Richards is one of the few drivers that actually
    pulls double duty every night. Richards races in both the B Mod division
    and the A Mods.

    Lucas Isaacs jumped out to the lead early in the feature. He would hold it
    until a restart after a yellow. Isaacs and Brian Murhpy maintained the top
    2 spots as they got ready to restart the main event. On the restart in
    turn 1, Isaacs got out of shape and hit the implement tire at the bottom
    of the track. Brian Murphy, trying to avoid contact with Isaacs, slowed in
    the infield and when the dust settled Isaacs and Murphy were sent to the
    rear of the field.

    Nine laps remained when the fired the cars back up under green flag
    conditions. Richards had finally gotten into the lead. From there he would
    stay there to the finish. Richards would start the night in 11th, but
    would finish in the top spot.

    Track Champion, Ethan Isaacs, finished in the runner-up position, Jacob
    Ebert marched from 16th in the A to finish 3rd, Steven Goodman, who was
    the last qualifier for the main event, did an amazing job finishing 4th
    and another B Feature qualifier, Ben Kates, drove from 22nd to 5th.

    The action starts all over tonight at BriggsAuto.Com Speedway for the
    final race of 2012.

    Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m., hot laps start at 6:15 p.m. and the
    first heat goes green at 7 p.m.

    For more information log on to the website for Heartland Park Topeka,

    Pure Stock ”“ Feature
    Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
    1 1 97 Jesse Shotts Topeka, KS
    3 2 59 Byron Glotzbach Topeka, KS
    2 3 85 Darren Davenport Tecumseh, KS
    5 4 355 AJ Christian Topeka, KS
    9 5 19 David McDonald Topeka, KS
    8 6 40G Lafe Garst Topeka, KS
    13 7 53T Tyler Garst Topeka, KS
    23 8 81 Donnie Devers Baldwin, KS
    12 9 4J Terry Henkensiefken Topeka, KS
    24 10 153T Scott Garst Topeka, KS
    14 11 18 Dylan McDonald Topeka, KS
    22 12 17 Randy Kohn Topeka, KS
    15 13 5 Steve Stewart Osage City, KS
    11 14 22E Josh Haid Merriden, KS
    19 15 47 Weston Barton Carbondale, KS
    20 16 22M Billy Moorman DeSoto, KS
    10 17 07 Ronald Kohn Topeka, KS
    4 18 90 Scott Garcia Topeka, KS
    17 19 391 Jim Christian Topeka, KS
    21 20 74C Colton Miller Topeka, KS
    18 21 8JR David McLaughlin Jr Topeka, KS
    6 22 83 Alan Mattox Tecumseh, KS
    7 23 01 Dennis Millard Topeka, KS
    16 24 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus, KS

    Modified ”“ Feature
    Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
    1 1 66T Tyler Schmidt Easton, KS
    19 2 34A Aaron Marrant Orrick, MO
    2 3 77 Steven Bowers Jr Topeka, KS
    6 4 21J Josh Everhart Burlingame, KS
    11 5 87 Darron Fuqua Topeka, KS
    14 6 68 Kerry Davis Parkville, MO
    3 7 5J Jake Richards Edwardville, KS
    20 8 99H Trevor Hunt Kearney, MO
    10 9 69 Ryan Phillips Osage City, KS
    4 10 77A Cody Agler Emporia, KS
    13 11 22 Bill Robison Topeka, KS
    15 12 97J Josh Henery Overbrook, KS
    18 13 30 Dalton Kirk Edgerton, KS
    21 14 51 Robert Shepard Odgen, KS
    23 15 10B Brandon Givens Hutchinson, KS
    22 16 52 Clifford Shepard Ogden, KS
    7 17 5C Chad Lyle Oak Grove, MO
    5 18 1 Lyle Shepard Manhattan, KS
    8 19 04 Jay Bailey Lyndon, KS
    24 20 44K Kevin Hoeme Tongonaxie, KS
    9 21 96 Danny Barker Kansas City, KS
    16 22 7D7 Kyle Covert Topeka, KS
    12 23 2 Mike Eisenhut Topeka, KS
    17 24 11H Jim Hernandez Jr Topeka, KS

    Factory Stock ”“ Feature
    Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
    2 1 128 Travis Tenpenny Topeka, KS
    5 2 74 Scott Stuart Independence, KS
    3 3 B1 Terry Schmidt Nortonville, KS
    12 4 97Z Zachary Henery Topeka, KS
    6 5 34 Mike Taylor Topeka, KS
    4 6 15 Eric Weyer Centralia, KS
    13 7 05 Clint Hedge Bonner Springs, KS
    10 8 28 Leif Weyer Centralia, KS
    11 9 5K Steve Herrick Topeka, KS
    8 10 07 Frank Jaynes Bulingame, KS
    16 11 22 Matt Haid Meriden, KS
    9 12 24 Tyson Young Americus, KS
    19 13 11X Roy Oliver Topeka, KS
    22 14 T2 Justin Seifert Kansas City, KS
    15 15 2 Ken Garcia Kansas City , KS
    7 16 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka, KS
    17 17 60K James King Americus, KS
    18 18 111 Abdul Chatoo Eudora, KS
    14 19 5H Ronnie Moore Overbrook, KS
    1 20 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton, KS
    20 21 68 Matt Field Topeka, KS
    21 22 74X John Bass Topeka, KS

    B-Mod ”“ Feature
    Start Finish Car No Driver Hometown
    11 1 4D Jake Richards Edwardville, KS
    6 2 66 Ethan Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
    16 3 94 Jacob Ebert Oak Grove, MO
    24 4 22G Steve Goodman Meriden, KS
    22 5 23K Ben Kates Tonganoxie, KS
    1 6 220 Jeff Miller Hoyt, KS
    12 7 2 Mike Eisenhut Topeka, KS
    21 8 4U Rich Boyden Topeka, KS
    15 9 7M Heath Murry Tonganoxie, KS
    3 10 6 Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, KS
    23 11 00 Marty Grist Topeka, KS
    17 12 2B Brandon Jones Emporia, KS
    20 13 14E RJ Edwards Meriden, KS
    19 14 X1 Tracy Schaefer Topeka, KS
    7 15 15W Chad Wunder Topeka, KS
    2 16 44 Larry Bouton Jr Topeka, KS
    14 17 9S Devin Stock Topeka, KS
    8 18 72 David Samuels Tecumseh, KS
    4 19 1M Brian Murphy Topeka, KS
    13 20 33J Jason Billups Holt, MO
    5 21 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr Tecumseh, KS
    18 22 1* Derek Huffman Topeka, KS
    9 23 45 Dustin Thulin Topeka, KS
    10 24 55 Rick Davis Mt Hope, KS

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