Speedway 660, Geary, NB Thanks for the 2012 Memories!

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    September 6th, 2012

    The racing season is over, everyone has hauled their RV home, the padlocks are on the Speedway 660 gates and the Geary Woods sit silent until May of 2013. September is always a time to reflect on the season past and look ahead to the future.

    “We saw great racing this year, some intense rivalries and the continued growth of a youth movement that bodes well for the future of this sport” said Speedway 660’s Chris Johnston. “We have a vibrant racing community, from the drivers and their teams to the fans and sponsors, who love the thrills, excitement and occasional controversy that comes with short-track racing.”

    Speedway 660 opened in July of 1994 and since then has grown into one of Canada’s top racing facilities. Six racing divisions include: Enduros, Hanwell Village Mart Bandoleros, Fredericton Jewelers four cylinders, RV World Street Stocks, Martins Home Heating Sportsman and A.L. Gullison Disaster Kleenup Pro Stocks.

    “We are proud to be the only race track in Atlantic Canada to run a weekly Pro Stock division, but we are equally proud of all of the other divisions which provide fans with amazing action at every event” said Speedway 660’s Steve Burns. “We want to thank all of the fans, sponsors, race teams as well as our employees and volunteers for making the 2012 a great season - they all play important roles and we appreciate their commitment and dedication.”

    2013 is still a few months away, but plans are already in the works to make 20th anniversary season a great one at Speedway 660.

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