Scotia Speedworld, Enfield, NS thoughs and opinons regarding new rule changes o thunder car?

Discussion in 'Nova Scotia Race Tracks' started by silentninja1, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    i'm interested in hearing some thoughs and opinons on the new rule changes scotia is putting in place regarding the cars running multi port motors. i was in the process of switching mine over. had the harness built and engine in the car and then heard about this rule. i know several teams now have to change out a few things as do i. have the officals given a reason for there decision?
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    I have been following the mess on facebook, Hopefully everyone can get there cars changed over in time for the 17th I have heard the parts are hard to find.
  3. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    i had everything all set with a harness had everything ready. but once the rule came out i had to rip it all out. i decided instead of going for the multiport i am gonna stick another dual point d in there and then over the winter i will switch the car over to multi point. just to much work for me to do right now.

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