Riverside Speedway, Antigonish, NS weekly racing

Discussion in 'Nova Scotia Race Tracks' started by silentninja1, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    i would like to start a thread to see who would think about heading down to antigonish if the track were to open up to weekly racing in the future
  2. Matt97

    Matt97 Semi Pro

    No thoughts about it. If they opened up weekly racing again, Scotia Speedworld would sink because everyone would rather race in Antigonish. Id rather haul my car up there every week then deal with the clowns down here.

    Sadly, you will never see a weekly series back at Riverside :(
  3. silentninja1

    silentninja1 Semi Pro

    i cant say i disagree with this. with the ass clown they got running the track. you will never see weekly racing back there

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