Utah Motorsports Campus, Grantsville, UT Xtreme Xperience - August 23-24th

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    Xtreme Xperience - August 23-24th

    One of the best things about working at UMC is seeing people having fun with cars. We’re really looking forward to the inaugural UMC appearance of Xtreme Xperience on August 23-24, because it may be the ultimate example of letting people have fun with cars! The XX folks are going to roll in here with a few trucks full of exotic machinery (such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and more) and let you folks take ‘em out on the racetrack! And for less than you would think!

    Make your plans now to take the drive of a lifetime, right here in your backyard at UMC! Whether it’s for you or a loved one, this will be an unforgettable, bucket-list event.

    Just think about that workplace conversation on August 26th: “Oh, this past weekend? Yeah, we just went out to UMC and drove a Ferrari on the track. How ‘bout you?”

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