American Le Mans Series Your Ideas for 2014: Let’s Hear ‘Em

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    What do you want to see in new sports car championship?


    One thing that we can guarantee for the new unified sports car championship in 2014 your voices matter.

    [​IMG]The powers-that-be at ALMS, IMSA and GRAND-AM need the fans’ help. Merging ALMS with GRAND-AM is a huge undertaking with many of the key decisions still in the works. That’s why we want to know what you want to see once cars hit the track at Daytona in January 2014.

    Car classes and structure? What about the schedule? TV, radio and online coverage? They’re all fair game”¦ and you’ll have a say in each. All you have to do is comment below. We’ll take notes and use that as the process goes along.

    The only things we ask are that you have an open mind, be polite to your fellow fans and be patient. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but with your feedback we’re confident you’ll see the best sports car product in history come 2014”¦



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